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Throwback Thursday: One Week Stand #tbt, #excerpt, #multicultural

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Welcome to my first official Throwback Thursday! I got this mag idea from my good buddy Shelli Stevens. Today’s excerpt is from the third novella I ever wrote and published. Hope you enjoy it!

* * * * * *

“Come on, Jasmine, all you have to do is keep him company for one week.”

“I’m supposed to be traveling to Little Rock for your wedding, Kim, not playing entertainment hostess to your nerdy cousin. I thought you wanted me to enjoy myself. You know how I hate this mushy lovey-dovey stuff.”

Kim, her best friend in the world was getting married, and suddenly she springs this request on her. Jasmine was happy for her. Really she was. Kim and her fiancé, Daniel, had a unique and wonderful relationship. Not only did they seem happy and madly in love, their love had transcended distance, and they’d still made it. Kim was one of the lucky ones. Luckier than Jasmine’s parents, who’d gone through a horrible divorce.

Kim sent her a pleading look from across the short distance that separated the two airplane seats. “I’m not asking you to have sex with him, just make sure he has fun and enjoys himself.

“Right, while I’m miserable. When was the last time you saw him, anyway?”

“About four years ago, before he went to medical school. But we talk on the phone all the time.”

Oh, great. He was probably the epitome of the high school nerd; glasses, pencils in his shirt pocket, and penny loafers.

“How exactly am I supposed to entertain him? I’ve never been to Little Rock. Why didn’t you ask Daniel to keep him busy? You know, let him hang out with the boys, go to a bachelor party or two?”

“I did. However, he needs some female companionship, too. Mom told me that ever since he graduated from medical school all he does is go to work and come home. Then he spends hours in the lab working on his experiments.”

“That’s great. He’s a Frankenstein, too! How can you do this to me, Kim? I have half a mind to get off this plane and catch the next one right back to Dallas.”

“You wouldn’t do that to me. You’re my maid of honor. You wouldn’t abandon your very best friend in the whole wide world like that, would you?”

Jasmine squirmed around in the tight quarters of her seat and tried to stretch her legs. Even though the flight was only an hour, the cramped area didn’t help her knees at all. She looked at Kim and wished she could tell her ‘yes,’ but she wouldn’t. Kim was right. She was the best friend she had. The only friend.

Too busy the last three years getting her Internet lingerie and exotic toy business operational, she didn’t have time for other entanglements. Now she was enjoying the fruits of her labor, but there was still a lot of work to do if she was going to stay successful.

“No, Kim, I’m not going to abandon you. But you owe me. Big time.”

“You got it. Once I get back to Dallas, you name it and it’s yours.”

The fasten seatbelt sign came on, so Jasmine reached around her side and snapped her belt back in place. “How in the world am I going to entertain someone I have nothing in common with, who is a complete nerd, and probably has no social skills whatsoever?”

“Quit being so mean. You might be surprised to know that you two actually do have a lot in common.”

“Puh–leaze. There is no way I’m going to believe I have something in common with Dr. Frankenstein.”

Laughing as the airplane taxied to a stop, Kim remarked, “How about complete obsession with work… Umm…hasn’t been on a date in over six months… Umm…probably hasn’t had a good fuck in—”

Jasmine loosened her belt and stood up to get her bag from the overhead compartment. “Okay, I get it. That still doesn’t mean we’ll get along.”

“It doesn’t mean that you won’t, either. Oh, one more thing. Evan is picking us up.”

“What?” Embarrassed, Jasmine looked around. With her luck, he’d be standing right beside them.

“Mom and Daniel are busy with last minute wedding plans, and Monique had to work. So I asked him to pick us up.”

She muttered obscenities under her breath. “Just remember. You owe me.”

“I know. Big time,” she said with a chuckle and a smile.

Walking into the airport’s waiting area, Jasmine looked around for the geekiest male in the crowd. A very tall, broad shouldered, fine-as-hell shot of chocolate walked toward them.

Beside her, Kim yelled, “Evan!” Her friend ran over to the man, then hugged and beamed up at him.

Oh shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. This cannot be happening to me.

It’s him!

* * * * * *


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Jasmine Martin doesn’t believe in happily ever after.  However, her best friend is getting married and she’s promised to be her maid-of-honor.  In Las Vegas six months ago, Jasmine enjoyed a passionate night with a sexy doctor named Evan.  After all what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.  Right?

That’s all about to change when sexy Evan turns out to be her best friends cousin.  After seeing Evan again, their one night becomes a one-week stand.  Evan Harris believes it’s fate that brought Jasmine back into his life.  Can Evan convince Jasmine to turn their one-week stand into forever?





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