Under His Covers

When P.I. Jade Conner attends her friend’s wedding she never intended to slip out of the reception and enjoy a one night stand with the sexy best man, Lt. Governor Rhys Cunningham. A memory she still can’t forget. Rhys is single and plans to stay that way, but he can’t forget the chemistry he and Jade made between the sheets. When he begins to receive threatening letters, a secret he’s kept hidden for twenty years is about to be exposed if he doesn’t stop it. Instead of going to the police, Rhys hires Jade to go undercover as his executive assistant to find out whose sending the threats. Jade refuses to let their one night together interfere with the job she’s been hired to do, but it’s hard when every time she turns around, she ends up under his covers.

Snap Shot

Sonya Dane, a professional photographer, isn’t exactly delighted when she has to resort to taking snap shots at the local state fair to make ends meet. But she’s positive the revenue earned will pay her rent for the next two months, plus generate some new clients for her studio. However, things go from bad – when her ex-boyfriend, Justin, and his new fiancé, April an old nemesis of Sonya’s, come to her booth to take a picture, to worse – when Sonya finds April dead in her car on the fairgrounds.As it turns out, April’s silver spooned life isn’t as perfect on the outside as it seems and several people would have been happy to shove that silver spoon right down her throat. Sonya’s semi-happy reunion with Justin turns problematic when he becomes the prime suspect. So, she decides to use the skills she’s learned watching too many episodes of The Closer to track down the real killer. Things are further complicated when the sexy detective assigned to the case begins to question her every move.With the help of an anorexic carnival psychic and her porn addicted librarian neighbor, Sonya finds herself stepping from behind her camera and onto the trail of a murderer. But can she catch a killer before the killer forces her to take her last snap shot?

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