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Throwback Thursday: Thoroughly Tempted, #excerpt, #tbt, #eroticromance, #interracial

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Welcome…welcome…to this weeks Throwback Thursday! Today’s excerpt is from a story a wrote for Samhain Publishing. I had so much fun writing this little novella.  Can you say “Strip Uno?” Enjoy!

* * * * * *

Wesley placed his blue eight on top. She followed with a blue four. He played his blue eight. He hoped she’d play a card so he could change the color on his next play. He lucked out when she played a yellow eight. After they exchanged a couple of yellow cards, he ended with his skip card. “Start getting naked,” he said and laughed.

She stuck her tongue out at him, but grinned. She took off her shoes first. Since he didn’t have another yellow card, he had to pull.

Their game pressed on with both of them having to remove several items of clothing, but neither had pulled the lucky Wild Draw Four card. Sierra still had on a matching purple— he was sure now that was her favorite color—panty and bra set. He had on his boxer shorts and a wife-beater T-shirt.

“Oooh, you are so not going to win this game.” She smirked.

“It ain’t over ’til it’s over, baby.”

“I must have buried that Wild Four card deep down in the deck. But it’s coming. I’m sure of it.”

“Yep, it’s coming right to me,” he said as he pulled a card from the stack. And when he did, a slow grin spread across his face.

“Huh-uh. No,” she said, sticking out her bottom lip. “Please don’t tell me you pulled the Wild Four.”

He hunched his shoulders and smiled. “Okay, I won’t tell you.”


“I’ll show you.”

“Ugh,” she growled.

Wesley slapped the card on the table, reared back in his chair and yelled. “Remove the rest of those clothes Ms. Morgan. The game is O-V-E-R,” he spelled out.

“Come on, you’re not going to really make me take them off. Are you?”




“Wesley,” she whined.

“You want me to do it for you?”

“Why did I make up this stupid game?”

He laced his hands together and placed them behind his head. “I enjoyed it myself.”

“Of course you did. You won.

“That’s right. So again, start stripping.”

She rose out of her chair and hooked her fingers beneath her bra straps and pulled both of her arms through. When she unhooked it from the back, a smile melted over his face. “Oh, yeah. That’s it. Take it off.”

She tossed it across the table at him. When he picked it up and placed it on his head, she laughed. “You’re stupid, you know that?”

“Yep. Keep going,” he said.

But as she linked her fingers inside her panties and began to pull them down, his eyes glazed over. He remembered why playing this game was really fun. Her body was amazing. Full breasts, curves in all the right places, and that thatch of hair between her legs made his mouth water.

“You happy now?” she quipped.

When he stood up with a rock hard dick sticking out from the front of his shorts, she would already know the answer to that question. “What do you think?”

The tip of her tongue snaked out and licked her lips. “I guess so.”

Wesley rounded the table and took her in his arms.

* * * * * *


Available at

Amazon and B&N and Samhain

Wounded cop Wesley Duncan is sent on a forced vacation to spend a week at Tempted, the perfect place for him to relax and recover. But recovery becomes the last thing on his mind when he discovers sexy spa owner Sierra is the only woman around.

After a hectic year and a half making Tempted a success, Sierra Morgan is looking forward to having her Florida resort all to herself for a whole week. The last thing she needs is someone messing up her plans to be blissfully alone.

But when a seriously hot stranger shows up, Sierra is thoroughly tempted to make a serious change of plan.



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Throwback Thursday: One Week Stand #tbt, #excerpt, #multicultural

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Welcome to my first official Throwback Thursday! I got this mag idea from my good buddy Shelli Stevens. Today’s excerpt is from the third novella I ever wrote and published. Hope you enjoy it!

* * * * * *

“Come on, Jasmine, all you have to do is keep him company for one week.”

“I’m supposed to be traveling to Little Rock for your wedding, Kim, not playing entertainment hostess to your nerdy cousin. I thought you wanted me to enjoy myself. You know how I hate this mushy lovey-dovey stuff.”

Kim, her best friend in the world was getting married, and suddenly she springs this request on her. Jasmine was happy for her. Really she was. Kim and her fiancé, Daniel, had a unique and wonderful relationship. Not only did they seem happy and madly in love, their love had transcended distance, and they’d still made it. Kim was one of the lucky ones. Luckier than Jasmine’s parents, who’d gone through a horrible divorce.

Kim sent her a pleading look from across the short distance that separated the two airplane seats. “I’m not asking you to have sex with him, just make sure he has fun and enjoys himself.

“Right, while I’m miserable. When was the last time you saw him, anyway?”

“About four years ago, before he went to medical school. But we talk on the phone all the time.”

Oh, great. He was probably the epitome of the high school nerd; glasses, pencils in his shirt pocket, and penny loafers.

“How exactly am I supposed to entertain him? I’ve never been to Little Rock. Why didn’t you ask Daniel to keep him busy? You know, let him hang out with the boys, go to a bachelor party or two?”

“I did. However, he needs some female companionship, too. Mom told me that ever since he graduated from medical school all he does is go to work and come home. Then he spends hours in the lab working on his experiments.”

“That’s great. He’s a Frankenstein, too! How can you do this to me, Kim? I have half a mind to get off this plane and catch the next one right back to Dallas.”

“You wouldn’t do that to me. You’re my maid of honor. You wouldn’t abandon your very best friend in the whole wide world like that, would you?”

Jasmine squirmed around in the tight quarters of her seat and tried to stretch her legs. Even though the flight was only an hour, the cramped area didn’t help her knees at all. She looked at Kim and wished she could tell her ‘yes,’ but she wouldn’t. Kim was right. She was the best friend she had. The only friend.

Too busy the last three years getting her Internet lingerie and exotic toy business operational, she didn’t have time for other entanglements. Now she was enjoying the fruits of her labor, but there was still a lot of work to do if she was going to stay successful.

“No, Kim, I’m not going to abandon you. But you owe me. Big time.”

“You got it. Once I get back to Dallas, you name it and it’s yours.”

The fasten seatbelt sign came on, so Jasmine reached around her side and snapped her belt back in place. “How in the world am I going to entertain someone I have nothing in common with, who is a complete nerd, and probably has no social skills whatsoever?”

“Quit being so mean. You might be surprised to know that you two actually do have a lot in common.”

“Puh–leaze. There is no way I’m going to believe I have something in common with Dr. Frankenstein.”

Laughing as the airplane taxied to a stop, Kim remarked, “How about complete obsession with work… Umm…hasn’t been on a date in over six months… Umm…probably hasn’t had a good fuck in—”

Jasmine loosened her belt and stood up to get her bag from the overhead compartment. “Okay, I get it. That still doesn’t mean we’ll get along.”

“It doesn’t mean that you won’t, either. Oh, one more thing. Evan is picking us up.”

“What?” Embarrassed, Jasmine looked around. With her luck, he’d be standing right beside them.

“Mom and Daniel are busy with last minute wedding plans, and Monique had to work. So I asked him to pick us up.”

She muttered obscenities under her breath. “Just remember. You owe me.”

“I know. Big time,” she said with a chuckle and a smile.

Walking into the airport’s waiting area, Jasmine looked around for the geekiest male in the crowd. A very tall, broad shouldered, fine-as-hell shot of chocolate walked toward them.

Beside her, Kim yelled, “Evan!” Her friend ran over to the man, then hugged and beamed up at him.

Oh shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. This cannot be happening to me.

It’s him!

* * * * * *


Available at

Amazon and Barnes and Noble

Jasmine Martin doesn’t believe in happily ever after.  However, her best friend is getting married and she’s promised to be her maid-of-honor.  In Las Vegas six months ago, Jasmine enjoyed a passionate night with a sexy doctor named Evan.  After all what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.  Right?

That’s all about to change when sexy Evan turns out to be her best friends cousin.  After seeing Evan again, their one night becomes a one-week stand.  Evan Harris believes it’s fate that brought Jasmine back into his life.  Can Evan convince Jasmine to turn their one-week stand into forever?





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NEW RELEASE – Back To Basics #excerpt, #romance, #erotic, #interracial, #multicultural

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Back To Basics 200

Back to Basics

Beach House Nights, Book #4

Harper Coleman learned the hard way to never let a man control her.

For the past three years the Miami chef has thrown her heart and soul into her cafe. But when she’s invited to a friend’s beach house for the weekend, she finds a little R&R is just what the doctor ordered. But how’s Harper supposed to get the rest she so desperately needs with sinfully sexy Blake Nelson throwing grease onto her already simmering lust?

Harper’s sassy charm hooked Blake Nelson the minute he tasted her famous homemade brownies. This weekend is his chance to get close to the beautiful and sexy woman who creates masterpieces with her hands. Blake might not be able to whip up a culinary dish fit for consumption, but he’s cooking up a challenge she won’t be able to resist.

As their sizzling competition flames into a feast for the senses, will going back to the basics be their final course for disaster…or love?


Harper stepped to the other side of the island now to give herself some distance, but instead of sitting at one of the stools, she went to the window seat overlooking the ocean. The farther away she got, the better. Spending this much time with Blake alone had done damage to her equilibrium. She’d gotten to a point where she wanted nothing more than to climb up onto the counter and let Blake have his way with her like in her favorite movie.

“Don’t let it get brown on either side. Flip it over if you need to,” she said as she sat and stared out the window.

A yellow-orange haze began to cast over the endless dark sea and reflected on every rippling wave. Whenever she got a chance to visit Dayna at the beach house, dusk was her favorite time of day. She never imagined sharing a perfect moment in time like this with Blake. And she loved this kitchen. Whoever designed it and put the kitchen on the top level instead of the bottom was a genius. To her, this window had the best views in the house.

As she glanced over her shoulder, he slid an almost perfect omelet onto a plate and presented it to her with another gorgeous smile. “A round of applause please, madam. I’ve cooked my first…but not last…omelet.”

She brought the palms of her hands together in a quiet clap. “Very good, sir. But you need to taste it first to be sure.”

Blake pulled a drawer open and grabbed a fork. She lowered her gaze but looked on, mesmerized as he used the side of the fork to cut into his creation. He speared the morsel, brought it to his mouth, and then stopped. Rounding the island, he walked over to her and held it out.

This cannot be real. But she leaned forward and wrapped her mouth around the utensil. When her tongue whipped out to catch the delicate string of cheese hanging over the side, she heard his sharp intake of breath. Exquisite flavor burst over her tongue. It might have been his first omelet, but it was superb.

“What do you think?” he asked quietly.

Think? There was no thinking while eating. There was no thinking when Blake Nelson was feeding her either.

“Another bite,” she demanded in a voice she didn’t recognize as her own.

Harper ate the proffered morsel with the same relish as the first, but couldn’t help thinking she’d like to taste something else. Something long, dark, and chocolate.

Oh God.

She was becoming a wanton.

“Mmmm,” she crooned and tried to mimic a little casual indifference. “Very good for a first-timer.”

Joining her on the bench, he cut into the omelet again. But instead of feeding it to her, he fed it to himself, and the carnal thought that he now tasted her, that his mouth was somewhere hers had been, sent need spiraling through her core.

Blake was ruining her for other men. No one would measure up now.

Hell…what men?

She hadn’t allowed a man near her in…shit…months, more months than she wanted to count.

If only… She caught herself smiling at the lascivious thoughts running rampant through her mind.

No no no.

Too dangerous. She needed to remember that.

Harper wouldn’t do anything stupid, like kiss his full lips to see if they felt as soft as she imagined.

She took another offered bite, slowly chewed, and swallowed. “Thank you.”

Then, they took turns.


Would he be as generous in bed?


Back To Basics is available NOW. Get your e-copy at Amazon, B&N, ARe, or Smashwords!



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Back To Basics – Pictures and Words #pinterest, #excerpt, #romance

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Release day is almost here!!! I’m so excited to be releasing the last and final book in the Beach House Nights series, book #4 – Back To Basics. It was so much fun writing this series and exploring the friendships of the four ladies who make up the heroines in this series. Dayna, who inherited the beach house from her grandmother, wasn’t look for love. Recently out of a bad relationships/breakup – she decides that a little revenge sex/one night stand with her ex’s best friend is what she needs. Next is Violet,  the most daring of the group, who decides that this weekend is it. She’s going to seduce her hero if it’s the last thing she does. Then, we have Stella, who’s a little uptight and not as outgoing as the rest of the group and prefers to spend the weekend in the attic picking out antique furniture for her fledgling store. But, her hero isn’t having it.

Finally, we have Harper who has issues with relationships in general and has made herself too busy with her cafe to make time for a man.

Enjoy today’s installment of pictures and words with Harper and her hero, Blake.


Blake took one last swig of his beer, stood, and dropped his bottle in the recyclable trash before moving to the cooler to retrieve another. “Why should I when IHOP does it so well?”

Instead of sitting back down, he moved around the island to stand beside her as she put the rest of the dishes away. Harper inhaled. The scent was clean male, ocean, and sand. It made her shivery on the outside, hot on the inside, and completely fried her senses.

She took two steps away and pretended to wipe down the counter she’d already cleaned five minutes ago.

window seat

“Another bite,” she demanded in a voice she didn’t recognize as her own.

Harper ate the proffered morsel with the same relish as the first, but couldn’t help thinking she’d like to taste something else. Something long, dark, and chocolate.

Oh God.

She was becoming a wanton.

“Mmmm,” she crooned and tried to mimic a little casual indifference. “Very good for a first-timer.”

Joining her on the bench, he cut into the omelet again. But instead of feeding it to her, he fed it to himself, and the carnal thought that he now tasted her, that his mouth was somewhere hers had been, sent need spiraling through her core.


When she cried out, he smiled, satisfied he’d given her the pleasure he so wanted her to have. But he wasn’t finished. He slid up her body and stood.

“Turn over.”

With dazed eyes, she blinked up at him. “Wh-what?”

“Turn over, Princess.”

He took her by the hips and twisted her around until she was on her knees, facing away from him. The rocking of the swing didn’t deter him one bit.

Back To Basics 200

Back to Basics

Beach House Nights, Book #4

Harper Coleman learned the hard way to never let a man control her.

For the past three years the Miami chef has thrown her heart and soul into her cafe. But when she’s invited to a friend’s beach house for the weekend, she finds a little R&R is just what the doctor ordered. But how’s Harper supposed to get the rest she so desperately needs with sinfully sexy Blake Nelson throwing grease onto her already simmering lust?

Harper’s sassy charm hooked Blake Nelson the minute he tasted her famous homemade brownies. This weekend is his chance to get close to the beautiful and sexy woman who creates masterpieces with her hands. Blake might not be able to whip up a culinary dish fit for consumption, but he’s cooking up a challenge she won’t be able to resist.

As their sizzling competition flames into a feast for the senses, will going back to the basics be their final course for disaster…or  love?


You can check out my entire Pinterest board for the Beach House Nights series here.

If you haven’t read the first three books in the Beach House Night series – catch up now because Back To Basics releases TOMORROW!!!


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Up All Night – Pictures and Words #pinterest, #excerpt, #romance

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Today’s picture and words is dedicated to Up All Night, book 3 in the Beach House Night series. The hero and heroine (Ian and Stella) are soooo different from each other. Opposites attract right? First we have Stella, an uptight workaholic who’s struggling to keep  her antique furniture store afloat. She’s visiting the beach house so she can get a look at the antique furniture Dayna (Lover’s Revenge) inherited from her grandmother. Now Ian on the other hand, is a complete free spirit. Lucky enough to win a multi-million dollar lottery prize when he was twenty-five, he enjoys life to the fullest. Stella thinks he’s nothing but a playboy who’s only interested in having fun, but she comes to find out there is more to Ian that just his pretty face and his money.

Enjoy this segment of “pictures and words” with Stella and Ian.



A rush of heat sparked along her veins when Ian trailed a finger over her cheek. “You mean, ” he said, huskily, “you’re going to waste that white sandy beach, that gorgeous pool and your beautiful body by rummaging around in the attic all weekend?”

Her insides tingled with pleasure and she nodded. He moved around her to the step above and took her by the waist. Heat suffused her skin, and she found herself leaning back into his embrace. A delicate whisper of wind pushed a tendril of hair from her ear when he leaned forward and said, “Nope. Not going to let you.”


Because of the windfall, he didn’t have to work and could take off to a foreign country whenever the mood struck. Or hit the highways on his Ducati to wherever his fancy took him. That didn’t mean there was no meaning to his life, no substance, that he didn’t have purpose. But Stella never took the time to find out. She stood her ground each and every time he saw her and didn’t bat an eyelash when he teased and flirted in an attempt to get her attention.

yellow sundress

“It was at Harper’s mother’s house three years ago, at her annual Fourth of July picnic. You were wearing a yellow sundress.” He twisted a tendril of her hair around his finger, pulled her to him, and slid a digit down her back. “And your hair was all the way down here.”


“Damn,” he said as she stepped out of them. “Lie back on the bed.”

After she did as he asked, he began at her feet, inched up her legs, past her knees to her smooth thighs and delighted in the little hitched breaths she made the closer he got …

Up All Night 2

Stella Lewis is excited when she receives a weekend invite to a friend’s beach house, especially when the beach house’s attic is full of priceless furniture she can sell at her struggling antique store. The last thing she expected was to be sidelined by her attraction to playboy millionaire, Ian Hollis. The two have nothing in common, except their insane but inexplicable attraction to each other.

After winning a multi-million dollar lottery when he was only twenty-five, Ian Hollis has been living the high life. But the first time he saw Stella, he knew there was something sinful hiding beneath the exterior of the prim and proper miss. Proving it to the workaholic beauty is a whole different story. Stella is running scared, but if she thinks she can rebuff Ian’s advances that easily, she’s in for a surprise. Ian is willing to prove to Stella he can stay up all night to prove she’s the woman of his dreams.

If you haven’t read Up All Night, get a copy now before I release Back To Basics, book four and the final installment in the series. You can grab an e-copy from Amazon, B&N or ARe. It’s only $1.99

Peace, love and sex!




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Something Wet – PIctures and Words #pinterest, #excerpt, #romance

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When I thought up the idea for the Beach House Night’s series, I knew that I would have at least one heroine who would be the pursuer in the relationship. I love reading about and writing strong female characters; women who know what they want and go after it, no matter what the consequences may or may not be. This is who Violet is in the second book of the series in Something Wet.

Violet has had a thing for Logan for a while and she decides that this weekend is her chance. She just went through a “shitty week from hell” and decides – you know what – I’m going for it. It’s time for “Operation: Seduce Logan McMasters.”

Enjoy this segment of “pictures and words” with Violet and Logan from Something Wet!


It was dusk, and even though heat billowed from the blazing fire, the ocean waves carried a nice breeze over the beach. The sea salt air almost masked the acrid smell of burning wood. With her thumb and index finger, she took a small piece of the gooey marshmallow and put it in her mouth. A mixture of hard and soft sugar burst over her tongue. “What do you mean?”

“He likes her?”

As she pulled her finger out of her mouth, she glanced up to find Logan McMaster’s staring at her. She stared back and released the digit slowly and seductively over her bottom lip and smiled.


He stopped her and brought her around to face him, pulling her close as his palms traveled down her arms to her hands. “Because I’ve been waiting a while for you to be free.”

His touch, like a spark of dynamite, sizzled fiercely against her skin. Did he just say what she thought she heard? He wanted her? “Have you now?” Violet played spider up his left arm until she reached the bunched muscles of his shoulder. She brushed her hands over the warm tensile beauty of his ripped chest and moved lower to the expanse of his tight flat belly and slid her fingers under his shirt.


He got off the lounge and held out his hand. “Stand up.”


“Just stand up.”

Violet placated him and stood. He surprised her by sitting back on the lounge, but he moved her in front of him so they were front to back and he wrapped his hands around her waist, his head resting beside hers on her shoulder. Ignoring the way her heart thumped, she snuggled up close. From this angle, they could see the tide wash up onto the sand. A cool breeze drifted up from the ocean, the sky was a vivid shade of dark blue.

Something Wet 200x300

Violet Tanner had the shittiest week ever. She was demoted at work, her apartment got flooded, and the guy she’s been dating sends her an email to tell her he needs some space. When she gets an invite from one of her closet friends to a party at her beach house, her quick RSVP leaves her computer smoking.

Things start to look up when hottie Logan McMasters arrives. She’s lusted after the ex-pro ball player for years. She’s determined to have her weekend end on a hot and sexy note to get her man. Before the night is over, Logan is going to know what it means to experience something hot, something spicy, and something wet.

If you haven’t read Something Wet, get a copy now before I release Back To Basics, book four and the final installment in the series. You can grab an e-copy from Amazon and B&N. It’s only $1.99!

Peace, love and sex!





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Lover’s Revenge – Pictures And Words #pinterest, #excerpt, #romance

Friday, February 14th, 2014 | Book Pimpage | No Comments

Because I’m about to release the last book in the Beach House Night’s series, I’m back at my Pinterest obsession again and thought I’d not only catch you up on the first three books in the series, but instead of just posting a long excerpt – how about short clips with pictures representing the words. Fun right? Today’s posts are dedicated to Lover’s Revenge. Enjoy!


She recognized the car as it got closer and gripped the railing with both hands. The sleek, black two-seater with dark-tinted windows, chrome wheels, and dealer license plate could only belong to only one person. The mistake’s best friend, Jared Stephens.


The sun dipped, leaving only a crescent of its round shape above the midnight black surface of the water. Stars sparkled along the water like twinkling Christmas lights. Because the windows were up, she heard the waves crashing against the surf and snatches of conversations from her guests, who were out by the pool, carried on the wind. Jared took her hand. “Let’s take that walk.”

Hand water

Dayna stopped when the water covered her hips. She didn’t turn to look at Jared, to see his reaction, to see if he was still standing by the shore. She smoothed the palm of her hand over the water in a wide arc and watched as her fingers glistened over the surface.


Lovers Revenge ARe

Throwing a summer party at the beach house she inherited from her grandmother is just what Dayna needs to take her mind off her two-timing ex. After his best friend arrives to check up on her she realizes her desire may have been focused on the wrong friend. When they share a late night walk on the beach, it’s clear he shares her lust. Now, Dayna is determined to take advantage of their mutual attraction. What’s a little revenge sex among friends?

If you haven’t read Lover’s Revenge yet, here’s your chance to catch up with the series before I release the final installment. You can get a copy at Amazon, B&N, or ARE. It’s only $.99!

Peace, love and sex! And Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you’re sharing it and every day with someone you love.



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What’s Your Color of Love? #coloroflove, #interracial, #multicultural, #books

Thursday, November 21st, 2013 | Blog Hop, Book Pimpage, Coming Soon, Contests | 8 Comments

Welcome to my stop on the Cover of Love Blog Hop.


Personally…I love love in all its many facets and shades. It’s one of the reasons I write multicultural and interracial romance. I firmly believe that people should have the choice to date and marry whoever they want to and not be ridiculed for it.

Right now my FAVORITE show on television features an interracial relationship (although taboo because he’s married) which in reality everyone should really HATE but because of the way the show is written…you can’t HELP but love these characters and WANT them to get their happily ever after.


I’m also having a super fan girl crush on Henry Cavill right now. I mean the man is HELLA  FINE and can not take a bad picture. I will NOT admit how many times I’ve watched my DVD of Man of Steel since I went to Target at 9 o’clock in the morning the day it was released. Yes…it’s that bad. (Check out my Pinterest board dedicated to Mr. Superman himself and see if I’m wrong about not taking a bad picture.)


And ever since the mid 1990′s I have adored me some Shemar Moore who is bi-racial (white mother/black father). (You can check out my Pinterest board dedicated to him as well.)


I have finally finished book #4 in the Beach House Nights Series which I hope to have released soon. I’m also putting the finishing touches on a Christmas novella which I really need help on the title (see contest below) and will be working on a Valentine novella as soon as I finish it. After that…I have a couple of series I want to start working on. Not sure which I’m going to start first. Of course…they are all interracial. :-)

I guess I’ll entice you with a snippet from my Christmas novella coming soon and then tell you about the contest. So…check it out.


She turned to see him standing just inside the door. “The rooms are wonderful. I can’t say enough how much you’ve outdone yourself. I mean, it’s better than a hotel room. They’re comfortable with an at home feel.”

A large smile spread across his face. “Good. I’m glad you’re satisfied with the accommodations.”

Oh…she was so much more than that…or could be much more if he…well, she wasn’t going to go there with him being so close and a bed just a few feet away.

“If you need anything, anyone on my staff is available to help you by dialing extension sixty one on the phone, or you can come see me. I’m right across the hall.”

Jorja had moved closer to him, couldn’t help it actually. It always felt like there was an invisible magnet between them. She peered around him. “Your office?”

They stood just over the threshold now, facing each other, so close she could smell the soap and aftershave he’d used this morning. She resisted the urge to lean closer and get a better whiff.

“My living quarters.”

“Oh. You live here too?”

In college, their dorm rooms had been two buildings apart. Knowing he was going to be across the hall from her when she got into bed tonight sent an involuntary sliver of awareness straight down her spine.

“Yes.” He never took his eyes off her face. He’d always been so direct that way, giving her his full attention. Being under his intense gaze had always unnerved her, made her think that he saw and read every expression on her face, knew every thought that crossed her mind.

Heaven forbid.


So, there you go. My heroine is Jorja and my hero is Neal. They went to college together and shared a drunken kiss one night they never talked about but also never forgot! Jorja is coordinating her sisters wedding and she, her sister, and all the bridesmaids are staying in a cozy B&B in Colorado the week before the wedding. Neal just happens to own this B&B and one night decides it’s time to let Jorja know how he’s felt about her all these years and after a kiss under the mistletoe (of course) decides to perform a sexy strip tease that leads to a whole lot more.

I need a title…desperately! I’ve thought of Under The Mistletoe, Strip Tease Under The Mistletoe. Neither of these titles are doing it for me. LOL

I NEED YOUR HELP!!! My contest for the blog hop – help me come up with a great title for this sexy little Christmas novella. Leave a comment with your idea and if I choose your title…you will receive a free copy of the title when it releases AND a $10.00 gift cert to Amazon. Also….not part of the contest but if you like me and/or friend me on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest…I’ll love you forever! :-) And while we’re talking about multicultural love – who is your favorite actor/actress of a different race? Leave that in your comment as well. I’m curious!

 Color of Love Blog Hop Prizes!

1st prize: $50 Amazon gift card + 8 ebooks
2nd prize: $30 Amazon gift card+ 8 ebooks
3rd prize: $20 Amazon gift card + 8 ebooks
4th prize: $10 Amazon gift card + 8 ebooks

You have to enter the Rafflecopter to win! And don’t forget to visit the other authors participating in the hop. Have a great Thanksgiving!

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Five Question Friday With @AliceLoweecey, #excerpt, #romanticsuspense, #mystery, #ff, #authorinterview

Friday, September 13th, 2013 | Book Pimpage, Five Question Friday, Writing | No Comments

I would like to welcome author Alice Loweecey to my blog today for Five Question Friday. Alice will be giving away an e-copy of Veiled Threat to one lucky winner who comments on this post.
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1. Who is your favorite character from your book and why?

My favorite character from my books is Sidney, Falcone and Driscoll Investigations’ perky admin. She’s brings out the best in Giulia and Frank. She’s all-natural, always bubbly, and thinks everything’s an adventure. I have the most fun writing her. In Book 3, Veiled Threat, she finally gets to have her all-natural wedding. It was the most fun research I ever did.

2. If you were deserted on an island, who are 3 famous people you would want with you?

If I was on a deserted island, the three famous people I’d want with me are Gerard Butler, Cecilia Bartoli, and Colm Wilkinson. I’m a contralto, so it’d be all about the singing! And The Gerard has the advantage of being real easy on the eyes. I’m sure one of them can fish, and I’m a pretty good cook. We’d manage.

3. Is there an Author that you would really like to meet? Why?

There are so many authors I want to meet: HP Lovecraft. Dickens. MR James. Kazuya Minekura. Hotaru Odagiri. The Brothers Grimm. Patricia McKillip. Um.. they don’t all have to be living, do they?


  • An actor or a book character you have a crush on? 

I have the worst crush on Sebastian St. Cyr, the hero of CS Harris’ historical mystery series. Of course I also have a wee crush on Ian Rutledge from the Charles Todd series. Antigone—she had strength. Miss Marple—although I love her best in the Margaret Rutherford movies.

5. What are some day jobs you have held?  Have any of them impacted your writing? If so, share an example.

Day Jobs that had an impact on my writing—that’s an easy one. From 1979 to 1983, I was a Franciscan nun. Honestly, that was a 24/7/365 job. On the pedestal, wearing the outfit, under the microscope. So my three published books are about an ex-nun who solves crimes. I have to admit that I’ve never solved a crime in real life… unless I count the time when my kids were 2 and 6. We found abstract designs on the walls of their bedroom—in purple. Then we found a trail of markers laid from the designs to my older son’s bed—all purple markers. At last we found a purple marker stashed under my older son’s pillow. An open and shut case, right? Except my older son used all the markers when he drew—and he never drew on the walls. My younger son, on the other hand, loved purple. It was all he drew with. I sensed a frame up. And I was right. The younger son confessed. Someday I’ll put that in a book.


Alice Loweecey - VeiledThreat


It’s private investigator Giulia Falcone’s second Christmas since leaving the convent. She’s happy to be spending it with Frank Driscoll, even if his switching from boss to boyfriend and back again is giving her whiplash. But Giulia’s holiday is darkened with disturbing news from her friends Anya and Laurel—their adopted baby girl has been kidnapped. When she learns that two kidnappings in nearby communities, both involving same-sex couples, ended with devastating fatalities, Giulia is more determined than ever to return the infant girl to her mothers. With Frank reluctantly backing her and the understaffed police offering little assistance, Giulia goes undercover to snare the kidnappers before they can do further harm.


Veiled Threat is available NOW!! Get your copy here.

Alice would love it if you stalked her on the web. You can find Alice…


Facebook: Alice Loweecey

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Five Question Friday With @KadiDillon, #excerpt, #suspense, #romance, #authorinterview

Friday, July 5th, 2013 | Book Pimpage, Five Question Friday, Writing | No Comments

I would like to welcome author Kadi Dillon to my blog today for Five Question Friday. Kadi will give away an e-copy of Dancing With Deception to one lucky person who posts on the blog.

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1. Who is your favorite character from your book and why?
I LOVE Gideon and his moodiness. Let’s face it, all men get crabby and grumpy for no reason. Gideon has so many good qualities, that we can forgive his faults. He’s strong, sexy, smart, sexy, honest, and protective. Oh, did I mention sexy?
2. What can your readers expect from you in the future? 
I have several novels in the works right now. I am releasing the next installment to the Avery Trilogy sometime later in the year–Colin’s story. I am also working on a romantic suspense that will probably develop into a series. Also in the works is a Mermaid tale.
3. Where is one place in the world that you would really love to visit someday? 
Ireland is the land of my people, as my relatives constantly remind me! I would love to visit there and learn as much as I can about my ancestors and their culture.
4. What are some day jobs you have held?  Have any of them impacted your writing? If so, share an example. 
Right now my sister and I own and run a candy bouquet business. We offer custom bouquets and gift baskets and the business keeps us super busy. It does have an impact on my writing since I can’t work during normal day hours. Mostly, I write at night when my characters start talking to me. They usually don’t let me get much sleep.
5. What do you like to read in your free time? 
Let’s see… Anything! I love a good romance, but my favorite is romantic suspense with very strong lead characters and a lot of action. Linda Howard, Nora Roberts, Catherine Anderson, and Lori Foster take up a lot of space on my bookshelves. I also have hundreds of National Geographic’s that I love to read when I can.
Kadi Dillon - Dancing With Deception
When Rebecca Channing promises to hide a mysterious painting known as ‘The Dance’ for her estranged father, she wants only to gain an ounce of affection from him.  Instead, she finds herself running for her life, trying to elude two brutal men who will stop at nothing to catch her. Rebecca has to keep them from taking the painting—and her life.
Cornered on a pier, and feeling desperate, Rebecca leaps into a moving boat. She’s safe, but for how long? The ship’s captain, Gideon Avery, won’t let her jump ship and Rebecca is trapped. Gideon is as hard and ruthless as any sailor, but he offers to help her when no one else will.
He whisks her away to his island and his family takes her in, giving her the love and affection she’d been denied all her life. Her pursuers, however, are relentless. Soon, it becomes evident that the painting was only a cover and what they really want is Rebecca.
With time running out and the thugs hot on their trail, Rebecca must fight to protect those she has come to love  and her heart.
Dance With Deception is available NOW!!!  Get your copy here.
Kadi would love it if you stalked her on the web. You can find Kadi…

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