Who knew that a little Florida R&R could turn into something so thoroughly tempting!

Wounded cop Wesley Duncan is sent on a forced vacation to spend a week at Tempted, the perfect place for him to relax and recover. But recovery becomes the last thing on his mind when he discovers sexy spa owner Sierra is the only other person around.

After a hectic year and a half making Tempted a success, Sierra Morgan is looking forward to having her Florida resort all to herself for a whole week. The last thing she needs is someone messing up her plans to be blissfully alone.

But when a seriously hot stranger shows up, Sierra is thoroughly tempted to make a serious change of plan.

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“Oh,” Sierra said softly as she recognized the look of desire in his eyes. It was the same way he’d looked when he’d kissed her yesterday. All night he’d watched her mouth and God, how she wanted him to kiss her. His gaze dropped to her lips again, then bounced back up and locked with hers.

“Can I ask you something?”

“Sure,” she said breathlessly, feeling her heart rate speed up.

“May I kiss you?”

He said each word slowly, deliberately, and with a hint of sex that made her scalp tingle and heat pool between her legs.

“Are you always going to ask permission?” she stammered.

“I just wanted to be polite.” He licked the corner of her mouth. “You have the most beautiful mouth I’ve ever seen.”

Sierra didn’t often find herself feeling like a pile of mush, but Wesley Duncan had just thoroughly swept her off her feet. The air around them seemed to thin and her knees began to quake. He pulled her close. His eyes were extraordinary. Not just forest green, they also had warm golden-brown flecks.

His eyes gleamed with desire as he murmured, “Beautiful.” Then he framed her face in his hands and lowered his head to kiss her.

A delighted, “Oh,” slipped from her mouth before his lips moved over hers.

He didn’t just kiss her, he consumed her. And she loved every millisecond of it. His hands grazed her face, moved down to her neck, and somehow he knew that the spot right in the middle of her throat would drive her insane. He tasted every moan and sigh he pulled from her. His hands moved to her shoulders, to her arms and around to her back where he pulled her closer than she thought was even possible. Sierra gripped the front of his shirt and felt his heart beat.

Her arms came up and around his neck and she lost herself in the kiss. Their kiss became an urgent exploration of tongues and hands and had her body burning with desire. She lingered over and savored his lips, his mouth firm against hers. She cradled his face between her palms and her thumbs swept over the contours of his cheekbones. In this one kiss, he offered everything she needed, wanted and more.

The urge to press her hips against his was overwhelming, and there was no mistaking the bulge pressed against her. She pressed a string of kisses along his jaw line down to his neck and heard him moan.

Wesley tightened his arms around her, and what began as dessert turned into a full course meal and then some. Their lips joined together segued into a hungry, fiery desire and sparks ignited a yearning inside her that had been dormant for years.

Her sensitive nipples tightened, ached, for his touch. They grew heavy and swelled against the cotton fabric of her dress.

It had been so long since she felt this way. A craving for someone so deep, it penetrated her soul.

She was doomed.

Wesley swept Sierra up and placed her on the counter. He should have stuck to his plan. Dinner was going to be fun, light and enjoyable. He’d planned to share a meal with her and then retire to his room, away from her. But now that he was kissing her, he knew he didn’t have the will to stop. Kissing her was like tasting chocolate for the first time. He couldn’t deny himself. It had become an addiction. Every part of his body exploded with blissful ecstasy.

She was warm and smooth and the feel of her lips against his was intoxicating. He didn’t mean to begin this seduction, but now it was too late to stop. Her tongue tangled with his and she wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him into her sweetness. He felt his dick pulse against his pants, begging to be released. Even though they were both fully clothed, the hardened nubs of her plump breasts seared him through the material.

It was too much, too soon. She’d granted him a kiss, not a full-out assault. But something about kissing her was different than kissing any other woman. The moment he’d sat down at the dinner table with her, something inside him shifted and his heart swelled inside his chest.

Something he wasn’t prepared to name.

Wesley tore his mouth from hers because he knew if he didn’t stop now, he wouldn’t be able to, ever. He wanted her that much. His chest rose and fell heavily, and he fought for a lungful of air. He placed his forehead against hers as she gripped his arms above his elbows.

“Tell me to walk away now,” he said on a ragged gasp and looked into her eyes. “Tell me!”

She shook her head as her breath came out in short, harsh puffs. “I can’t.”

He cradled her head in his large hands and he kissed the tip of her nose, above each eyelid, and smoothed his thumb over her bottom lip. Her tongue snaked out and licked him.

“Don’t do that.”

Sierra took his hand between both of hers and drew his index finger between her lips.

Oh God.

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