Beach House Nights Series #2

Something Wet

Violet Tanner just had the shittiest week ever. She was demoted at work, her apartment got flooded, and the guy she’s dating sends her an email to tell her he needs some space. When she gets an invite from one of her closest friends to a party at her beach house, her quick RSVP leaves her computer smoking.

Things start to look up when hottie Logan McMasters arrives. She’s lusted after the ex-pro ball player for years. She’s determined to have her weekend end on a hot and sexy note and stops at nothing less than full-on seduction to get her man. Before the night is over Logan is going to know what it means to experience something hot, something spicy and something wet.

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She stood, grabbing the shirt she’d pulled off earlier. “I’m going for a walk,” she said to Stella, and trailed a path along the shore, heading away from the beach house, the wet sand sticking to her bare feet.

Her hope… Logan would follow.

Ahead, streamers of seaweed rolled in the surf. The company that rented colorful loungers and chairs with overhead umbrellas were loading up their equipment to sale again the next day. The beach was empty except for the group she was with, but she still heard snatches of conversation and music carried on the wind from the other houses.

“Would you like some company?” The deep, sexy drawl came from behind her.


Violet pivoted around and walked backwards across the sand, a soft smile on her face when he approached her. An inner core of delicious heat thrummed through her.

The man was gorgeous with chestnut hair and liquid caramel eyes. He had on a sexy black wife-beater and khaki cargo shorts, no shoes. Muscles abounded and even though he wasn’t a star cornerback anymore, he still regularly worked out to keep his body rock hard. Of course, why wouldn’t he since he now owned about thirty 24-hour gyms across greater Florida.

“Are you following me?” she asked with a hint of tease, but with a confident edge in her voice. Her plan worked. Now, she had to figure out just how far her seduction needed to go so she could actually feel that rock-hard body against hers tonight.

“Do you mind?”

Violet shook her head. “Nope.”

Logan’s gaze traveled down to her feet and back up again. When his eyes reached her face, she asked, “You like what you see?”

He nodded. “Oh yeah.”

She turned and barely refrained from squealing with excitement, and continued to walk down the beach.

He came up beside her. “Did I hear you say you got demoted?”

Boy, he’d really been paying attention. “Yes. Please don’t remind me.”

Logan lightly bumped his shoulder against hers, and a searing sliver of heat swept down her arm. “I only wanted to say I was sorry to hear it, that’s all. We can move on to a much happier conversation if you want. Like the fact that you don’t have a man anymore.”

“Oh. You heard that too, huh?” She smiled up at him and was astounded by the deep voraciousness in his gaze. “And why, pray tell, is that a happy conversation?”

He stopped her and brought her around to face him, pulling her close as his palms traveled down her arms to her hands. “Because I’ve been waiting a while for you to be free.”

His touch, like a spark of dynamite, sizzled fiercely against her skin. Did he just say what she thought she heard? He wanted her? “Have you now?”

Violet played spider up his left arm until she reached the bunched muscles of his shoulder. She brushed her hands over the warm tensile beauty of his ripped chest and moved lower to the expanse of his tight flat belly and slid her fingers under his shirt.

“Yes, I have. That punk didn’t deserve you. Especially after the way he ended it.”

“Oh.” She dropped her hand. “You heard that too,” she said, glancing down blankly at her fingernails.

Logan cupped her under the chin, lifting her gaze to his. “Hey. I’m glad he did.”

Violet’s gaze went high over his left shoulder, and she tucked her hair behind her ear. Even though it gave her the freedom to be here with Logan, being dumped still burned. “Why is that?”

The sky, lit up with stars that sparkled like diamonds and she watched the change in his eyes, saw his irises darken to a richer hue that took her breath away. Her heartbeat quickened from anticipation, or fear, she wasn’t sure which. Something hot drifted through her body. Something wet pooled in the aching area between her legs, and she wanted to lose herself in his deep, chocolate gaze.

Logan reached up and brushed his knuckles down her cheek, over her bottom lip. He leaned forward, his breath a whisper over her skin. “So I can do this.”

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