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When I thought up the idea for the Beach House Night’s series, I knew that I would have at least one heroine who would be the pursuer in the relationship. I love reading about and writing strong female characters; women who know what they want and go after it, no matter what the consequences may or may not be. This is who Violet is in the second book of the series in Something Wet.

Violet has had a thing for Logan for a while and she decides that this weekend is her chance. She just went through a “shitty week from hell” and decides – you know what – I’m going for it. It’s time for “Operation: Seduce Logan McMasters.”

Enjoy this segment of “pictures and words” with Violet and Logan from Something Wet!


It was dusk, and even though heat billowed from the blazing fire, the ocean waves carried a nice breeze over the beach. The sea salt air almost masked the acrid smell of burning wood. With her thumb and index finger, she took a small piece of the gooey marshmallow and put it in her mouth. A mixture of hard and soft sugar burst over her tongue. “What do you mean?”

“He likes her?”

As she pulled her finger out of her mouth, she glanced up to find Logan McMaster’s staring at her. She stared back and released the digit slowly and seductively over her bottom lip and smiled.


He stopped her and brought her around to face him, pulling her close as his palms traveled down her arms to her hands. “Because I’ve been waiting a while for you to be free.”

His touch, like a spark of dynamite, sizzled fiercely against her skin. Did he just say what she thought she heard? He wanted her? “Have you now?” Violet played spider up his left arm until she reached the bunched muscles of his shoulder. She brushed her hands over the warm tensile beauty of his ripped chest and moved lower to the expanse of his tight flat belly and slid her fingers under his shirt.


He got off the lounge and held out his hand. “Stand up.”


“Just stand up.”

Violet placated him and stood. He surprised her by sitting back on the lounge, but he moved her in front of him so they were front to back and he wrapped his hands around her waist, his head resting beside hers on her shoulder. Ignoring the way her heart thumped, she snuggled up close. From this angle, they could see the tide wash up onto the sand. A cool breeze drifted up from the ocean, the sky was a vivid shade of dark blue.

Something Wet 200x300

Violet Tanner had the shittiest week ever. She was demoted at work, her apartment got flooded, and the guy she’s been dating sends her an email to tell her he needs some space. When she gets an invite from one of her closet friends to a party at her beach house, her quick RSVP leaves her computer smoking.

Things start to look up when hottie Logan McMasters arrives. She’s lusted after the ex-pro ball player for years. She’s determined to have her weekend end on a hot and sexy note to get her man. Before the night is over, Logan is going to know what it means to experience something hot, something spicy, and something wet.

If you haven’t read Something Wet, get a copy now before I release Back To Basics, book four and the final installment in the series. You can grab an e-copy from Amazon and B&N. It’s only $1.99!

Peace, love and sex!





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