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Back To Basics 200

Back to Basics

Beach House Nights, Book #4

Harper Coleman learned the hard way to never let a man control her.

For the past three years the Miami chef has thrown her heart and soul into her cafe. But when she’s invited to a friend’s beach house for the weekend, she finds a little R&R is just what the doctor ordered. But how’s Harper supposed to get the rest she so desperately needs with sinfully sexy Blake Nelson throwing grease onto her already simmering lust?

Harper’s sassy charm hooked Blake Nelson the minute he tasted her famous homemade brownies. This weekend is his chance to get close to the beautiful and sexy woman who creates masterpieces with her hands. Blake might not be able to whip up a culinary dish fit for consumption, but he’s cooking up a challenge she won’t be able to resist.

As their sizzling competition flames into a feast for the senses, will going back to the basics be their final course for disaster…or love?


Harper stepped to the other side of the island now to give herself some distance, but instead of sitting at one of the stools, she went to the window seat overlooking the ocean. The farther away she got, the better. Spending this much time with Blake alone had done damage to her equilibrium. She’d gotten to a point where she wanted nothing more than to climb up onto the counter and let Blake have his way with her like in her favorite movie.

“Don’t let it get brown on either side. Flip it over if you need to,” she said as she sat and stared out the window.

A yellow-orange haze began to cast over the endless dark sea and reflected on every rippling wave. Whenever she got a chance to visit Dayna at the beach house, dusk was her favorite time of day. She never imagined sharing a perfect moment in time like this with Blake. And she loved this kitchen. Whoever designed it and put the kitchen on the top level instead of the bottom was a genius. To her, this window had the best views in the house.

As she glanced over her shoulder, he slid an almost perfect omelet onto a plate and presented it to her with another gorgeous smile. “A round of applause please, madam. I’ve cooked my first…but not last…omelet.”

She brought the palms of her hands together in a quiet clap. “Very good, sir. But you need to taste it first to be sure.”

Blake pulled a drawer open and grabbed a fork. She lowered her gaze but looked on, mesmerized as he used the side of the fork to cut into his creation. He speared the morsel, brought it to his mouth, and then stopped. Rounding the island, he walked over to her and held it out.

This cannot be real. But she leaned forward and wrapped her mouth around the utensil. When her tongue whipped out to catch the delicate string of cheese hanging over the side, she heard his sharp intake of breath. Exquisite flavor burst over her tongue. It might have been his first omelet, but it was superb.

“What do you think?” he asked quietly.

Think? There was no thinking while eating. There was no thinking when Blake Nelson was feeding her either.

“Another bite,” she demanded in a voice she didn’t recognize as her own.

Harper ate the proffered morsel with the same relish as the first, but couldn’t help thinking she’d like to taste something else. Something long, dark, and chocolate.

Oh God.

She was becoming a wanton.

“Mmmm,” she crooned and tried to mimic a little casual indifference. “Very good for a first-timer.”

Joining her on the bench, he cut into the omelet again. But instead of feeding it to her, he fed it to himself, and the carnal thought that he now tasted her, that his mouth was somewhere hers had been, sent need spiraling through her core.

Blake was ruining her for other men. No one would measure up now.

Hell…what men?

She hadn’t allowed a man near her in…shit…months, more months than she wanted to count.

If only… She caught herself smiling at the lascivious thoughts running rampant through her mind.

No no no.

Too dangerous. She needed to remember that.

Harper wouldn’t do anything stupid, like kiss his full lips to see if they felt as soft as she imagined.

She took another offered bite, slowly chewed, and swallowed. “Thank you.”

Then, they took turns.


Would he be as generous in bed?


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