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Five Question Friday with @Massim0Marin0, #authorinterview, #excerpt, #freebook

Friday, April 26th, 2013 | Book Pimpage, Five Question Friday | 3 Comments

I would like to welcome Massimo Marino to Five Question Friday. Massimo will give away an e-copy of Daimones to one lucky person who comments on the blog.

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1. Who is your favorite character from the book and why?

Dan, the main character. He struggles continuously but he fights back. He can fall on his knees 100 times but he always stands up one more time.

2.  What can your readers expect from you in the future?

To keep writing and becoming better at it with every book. I’m writing the sequel to “Daimones”, the trilogy is all in my mind and it can’t wait to come out.

3. Is there an author you would really like to meet? Why?

Arthur C. Clark. Why, because if I meet him in the future it means there is continuation and afterlife will be even more interesting.

4. Where and when do you prefer to do your writing?

Usually during the day. In the afternoon I review, edit, and change things a bit. Wherever I am, my two cats are nearby. I write, they sleep.

5. What did you enjoy most about writing this book? 

Realizing that the story was already there. I’m the first reader of my stories. They simmer, boil, and then I cannot contain them anymore. Then it’s just a matter of brushing the keys on my computer and I can read it. It’s as if a channel opens up, I get lost in the story and I become its storyteller. Time bends.

Massimo  - Daimones


Dan and his family awake one day in a world where everyone is dead but no evidence points to a cause. Initial searches for survivors yield nothing and, in panic, the family turns their house into a stronghold. Eventually, they find Laura, a survivor who manages to win their hearts…and leads Dan to temptation. Laura reveals her panicking encounter with strange entities which Dan recognizes in his childhood hallucinations. He forces himself to find and confront them: An older power controls the fate of men. A few selected will face the ultimate quest: a painful genetic transformation and work toward the rebirth of a new human race, or oblivion and death in isolation.


Before leaving the shop, I checked every visible area from there with the binoculars, one more time. Nothing.

“C’mon, boy, time to go home. Our ladies are waiting and a bit nervous.”

We left and returned to the car as swiftly as possible. I decided to head back home right away, but not before Taxi stopped to empty his bladder against a tree. Actually, I did the same; both of us marking territory. Crows started to gather on trees for the evening to come. I did not remember having ever seen so many in one place before. Flying high, a hawk screeched.

Nature would not take long to reclaim Geneva. In a few years, things will deteriorate fast. Repeated cycles of freezing and warming will widen cracks between slabs of sidewalks, pipes will explode, and pavement separate and split with even more cracks. Weeds will be poking from the asphalt and building walls, and lichen seeds will sprout.

Fires will occur, maybe set by lightning to a wooden roof in the old town and move on to burn other buildings. Wild vegetation will cover streets and squares; the city sewage system will collapse and rain water collect into puddles. Small flows from the higher districts to the lowest will appear to then finally reach the lake. Cities will soon be a tough and harsh place to live or spend time.

For a moment, buildings became walls of stone; the streets, chasms and fissures in the earth; ravines and boulders, a crib for humanity. With all these images lingering in my mind, I put Taxi in the back seat and drove home.


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Five Question Friday with Melissa Blue, @mel_thegreat, #authorinterview, #excerpt, #freebook, #contemporary

Friday, April 19th, 2013 | Book Pimpage, Five Question Friday, Writing | 2 Comments

I would like to welcome my buddy Melissa Blue to Five Question Friday. Melissa will be giving away an e-copy of the entire box set of her See Her Fall series to one lucky reader who comments on the blog.

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1.            What can your readers expect from you in the future?

Next month I’ll be releasing Everything He Dreamed. I love this book. Like, love this book. Tony Creed was featured in Everything You Need. He’s the hero’s brother in that story and had very little page time, but I swear everyone who read it wanted Tony’s story. He was charming, sarcastic and he just loved to give his brother crap. I wanted the perfect heroine who would not only keep up with him, but have him chasing her instead. In walks Phoenix. She’s smart, just as charming, has high standards and has a heartbreaking past. He was so toast from page one. I really believe people are going to connect with these characters and this story. It deals with the heavy and serious subject domestic violence, but I think the lightness and the romance balances out the story. Did I mention I love this book?

After that I have three other for sure, for sure releases. It’s a contemporary romance series that deals with my take on modern fairy tales. Three best friends: Emma, Abigail and Sasha. I had so much fun writing these stories, matching them up with heroes and seeing how their friendship changed over the course of three books. And, of course, questioning my own beliefs about Happily Ever After and what that means.

2.            Why did you choose to write in your particular field or genre?  If you write more than one, how do you balance them?

I fell into the contemporary romance genre. How Much You Want to Bet? was the fun book I was playing with while I built up a career writing romantic suspense titles. It is tough to make romance believable, poignant, funny and fresh in a contemporary setting. The world has to be current but not dated. The characters have to fall in love in a realistic way. There’s no dead bodies or fated-to-mate plot points to help you. But, I loved the challenge. I love being able to take two people and find out why they fall in love , despite everything.

So, to keep myself from going stir crazy, I dip into paranormal worlds. I’m hoping to have at least one release this year that’s a paranormal. I think writing outside of contemporaries is what keeps me balanced.

3.            What do you like to read in your free time?

Historical romances are my go-to. I’m tough on contemporaries because I write them so it’s hard to turn off my internal editor. But, put me in a historical setting and I can immerse myself into the world. I also love mysteries. Hard-boiled private detectives or paranormal who-done-its like the early Dresden Files. Or anything that catches my eye when I’m on a reading binge.

4.            If you were deserted on an island, who are 3 famous people you would want with you?

Bette Milder, Prince and Betty White. Or, Oprah, Tom Hanks and Shonda Rhimes(sp?). I think I’d have one hell of a time with either set of folks. Smart, funny and genius. I don’t think I’d freak out as much because why would I want to get off an island with these people? Needless to say I’m a huge fan of all of them. Yes, even Bette Midler. The Divine Ms. M. Have you ever seen her perform live? Particularly Stay With Me? Yeah. I’m good with either set.

5.            Is there an Author that you would really like to meet? Why?

Brenda Jackson. I was lucky enough to have a very short and insightful chat with Francis Ray when I first started writing. (Back when I wrote romantic suspense.)  I still own the original copy and battered copy of Fallen Angel. When I think of the authors who first inspired me to write romance, she’s in the top three.

So, I’d go with Jackson because I’d want to gems and I because I admire the hell out of this woman. She writes multi-cultural romance in a business that makes it hard to be successful writing MC romance. There’s no denying she’s successful and that she can write.

Melissa Blue - See Lynne Chased


Nathan Craine eats small businesses for breakfast. There’s one store he is dying to buy, but this time it is for very personal reasons. He’s certain the owner will hand over the store; it’s only the matter of naming a price. To his surprise, Lynne Kelley refuses to sell, now or ever… In this battle, someone has to lose. And the cost of winning might be far more than either is willing to pay.


“I’ve done this again and again. I’m guessing you didn’t look me up. You really should so you know what you’re up against. I can read your tells. I can almost smell a competitor’s uncertainty, their desperation. I’ve never named a price that someone wouldn’t take.”

“As I recall…” A corner of her lip turned upward into a crooked smile. “I shot yours down.”

Her hand was steady as she took a sip of scotch. She made a sound of appreciation, and placed the glass back on her thigh. Lynne’s tongue ran over her top lip, catching the stray liquid before it trailed down her mouth.

Nate knew she hadn’t done that on purpose. Nor that sound. The unconscious actions became that much more sensual.

He wanted to know how she tasted with scotch on her lips. The thought should have made him sit back out of reflex.

Awareness flickered in her gaze; not of what she’d done and his reaction to it, but of him as a man. As someone who could be, and should be, desired. She cleared her throat, but neither of them moved.

All he had to do was drag her down and lean forward. God, it was the stupidest thought he’d had since…Shit. Since ever, but despite that, Nate rose and leaned forward.

The ice in the glass had cooled her lips, but they warmed at his touch. He gripped the cup in his hand like it was a hold on his sanity, but then she parted her lips on a sigh, granting him entrance to her dark and wet depths.

Need, not curiosity, got the better of him. He parted those creamy thighs that had taunted him moments before. He nestled there and in her mouth like he belonged, like he had somehow found home.

See Lynne Chased is available NOW! Get your copy here.


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Five Question Friday with @CornellThomas, #authorinterview, #ebook, #excerpt, #nonfic

Friday, April 12th, 2013 | Book Pimpage, Five Question Friday, Writing | 3 Comments

I would like to welcome author Cornell Thomas to Five Question Friday.

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1.  Is there any author you’d like to meet and why?

Malcolm Gladwell. He can find inspiration from things that no one else can see. He somehow made me fascinated about why they’re so many different brands of Mustard and only one brand of Ketchup. His works provoke thought and that’s what writing should be about.

2.  What book are you currently reading?

I’m reading, “What the Dog Saw” by Malcolm Gladwell and “Quiet” by Susan Cain.

3.  Where and when do you prefer to do your writing?

Where I write is usually at home, the when is where it gets a little weird. Every morning I make a motivational quote to post on twitter, face book etc. Sometimes I wake up inspired at 3am, sometimes it’s at 6am. When I write my blog it’s usually late at night. Having insomnia does have its benefits. (short term)

4.  Why did you choose your field? If you write more than one how do you balance them?

My book is a motivational quote book. It’s filled with the quotes I’ve made over the last two years. I have also included some of my blog excerpts as well. I feel that there’s not enough positivity in the world. We forget that our happiness is the key to having a great life. So hopefully my words can encourage others to pursue what they love and look at the bright side of things. My next book is going to be an autobiography so I should be able to balance the two with no problem.

5.  What did you enjoy about writing this book?

I enjoyed knowing that if one person buys it or one million people do my words might have helped someone get through a tough time in their life. Giving back is my purpose in life and this book is part of my giving.


Cornell’s newest release: The Power Of Positivity is coming soon!

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Five Question Friday with @Jennah_Scott, #author, #interview, #excerpt, #freebookop

Friday, April 5th, 2013 | Book Pimpage, Five Question Friday, Writing | No Comments

I would like to welcome Jennah Scott to Five Question Friday! Jennah will be giving away an e-copy of Making His Mark to one lucky visitor who comments on the blog.

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1.  Why did you choose to write in your particular field or genre? 

I love the trials and rewards of falling in love. So writing romance was an easy choice. The erotic side came when I tried writing it for fun and realized how much the sensual side of a relationship could add to the romance.

2.  Where and when do you prefer to do your writing?

I prefer to write at night on the couch. My husband turns on TV shows I would never watch and they serve as white noise for me.

3.  Where is one place in the world that you would really love to visit someday?

Ireland. It’s so green and rich with history and stories.

4.  What do you like to read in your free time?

Pretty much anything. I usually switch between urban fantasy and contemporary romance.

5.   An actor or a book character you have a crush on?

There are a few! Most recently is Jesse from Racing to Love Jesse’s Soul by Amy Gregory. My long-term crush is Shane from the WVMP series by Jeri Smith-Ready.

Jennah Scott - Making His Mark


One kiss is all it took for Alexis Catori’s world to turn upside down. One kiss with a man she thinks can help her move beyond her past.

Bo Nantan has one rule when it comes to tattooing: he refuses to ink his friends. Until Alexis asks him to do her work.

Bo tries to refuse, but decides maybe there is a compromise that will work. Together they discover their compromise is about more than just art, it’s facing the past so they can move on with the future.


“Who’s analyzing what?” Bo chimed as he walked through Matt’s door.

Holy hell.

Alexis had her legs stretched out, her feet rested on the coffee table. She wore jean shorts that showed off her long, golden brown legs.  No girl should be able to taunt him the way she did, especially since they didn’t even get along. The tight purple t-shirt she wore rode up to show an inch of smooth stomach.  Bo licked his lips in an attempt to wipe away the desire pumping through his veins.

“Oh goody, Slut Boy has arrived. We can stop the Dr. Phil show and start the fun. Nice of you to show up half an hour late rather than a full hour.” Alexis focused on the forty-three inch plasma TV at the front of the room.

“You know what they say about teasing someone, right?” Bo asked.

“Don’t care, but you’re going to tell us anyway aren’t you?”

“The harder you tease, the more you like them.”

“Yep that’s it. Oh Bo,” she started in a sing-song voice, “I love you so much. You’re all I ever think about. Please, please let me kiss your feet.”

Bo climbed over Matt’s legs then fell down on top of her. She tensed beneath him, her hands propped against his shoulders. He ignored her attempt to shove him away and leaned his head back next to her ear. “Ask nicely and I’ll let you kiss more than my feet.”

“Ugh. You disgust me. Get off, before I kiss your balls with my knee.”

With a chuckle, he slid to her side and got comfortable. Alexis had a killer body, one he’d wanted from the day she joined their little group.  She could hardly stand to be in the same room with him though, at least that’s the way he felt.


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