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Five Question Friday with @MBFeeneyAuthor ~ #interview, #ebook, #excerpt

Friday, February 22nd, 2013 | Book Pimpage, Five Question Friday, Writing | 7 Comments

I would like to welcome author M.B. Feeney to Five Question Friday. MB will give away an e-copy of Right Click Love to one lucky poster.

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1.  What book are you currently reading and in what format?

I am currently reading the kindle copy of Cloverhoof by Heide Goody. Satan is sacked for gross misconduct and is sent to suburbia in the UK (actually set near where I live) Very funny, in the style of Sue Townsend.
2.  How did you chose your particular field or genre?
I think the whole “chick lit” genre kind of chose me. Whenever I write, it always manages to be romance centric, but with a twist of humour (so I tell myself). I can’t seem to write supernatural, even though I would LOVE to. Maybe in the future.
3.  What are 3 things you never leave home with (excluding keys, purse and phone)?
A book (or my kindle – thank you Santa!), a notebook (never know when inspiration may strike), and gum.
4.  Where and when do you prefer to write?
Preferably, I like to lock myself in my bedroom where I have a desk set up (supposedly for my studies), but as I have 2 kids, that doesn’t happen very often and my other half has his Xbox set up next to me so I tend to write on the sofa. I tend to do better at night when everyone is either asleep or plugged into a game and I can switch the TV off and the tunes on.
5.  Is there an author you’d really like to meet and why?
one of my best friends is someone I have never met. L. J. Harris is an amazingly talented author and lives in Australia. We met via both of us reading and writing twilight fanfiction. That led to us becoming each other’s biggest cheerleaders. When she had her M/M novella published, I was so happy for her and she supported me in just the same way.
MB Feeny - Right Click Love
Disheartened about not being able to find “Mr. Right” on the London dating scene, best friends Jodie Lynch and Louise Hewson create a blog to not only document their disastrous dates with the numerous “Mr. Wrongs” and “Mr. Okay-for-nows” but also to help those going through the same experiences and to see where they’re going wrong. How will they deal with everything the dating scene has to throw at them — planned or otherwise?


Jodie couldn’t help but laugh at the memory of the state Louise had been in. When she’d let herself into the flat, her best friend had been trembling with shock and anger at how the meek Mark had transformed into an octopus during the walk home. What had begun with him walking a little too close had ended with him trying to get more than a simple goodnight kiss. Much more, in fact, which had forced Louise to resort to a swift knee in the balls and to leg it inside before he could register the agony of what she had done. Her brown eyes were bloodshot from the amount of alcohol she’d managed to sink in the time between her call and Jodie’s arrival.

“So, her search continues, as does mine,” was the closing line of the post, and it depressed Jodie slightly. How hard could it be to find a decent guy in London? She saw it happening all the time to her other friends and work colleagues. They met; they had fun; they got married, had kids, and mostly more or less lived happy ever after. Had she pissed someone off so much that they had marked her card as “single forever?”

Both Jodie and Louise had always prided themselves on their ability to not define themselves by their relationships or the men they dated, casual or not. They weren’t the kind of women who needed a man in their lives to feel complete or whole, but it was still ridiculous how hard it was not to let a lack of “happy ever after” get you down.

The comments under the post made her smile. The majority were from regular readers who, she knew, were having similar experiences. Other readers felt as if they had settled for the first available guy that had shown them the slightest bit of interest and were now living the lives of their mothers. These women had emailed the pair of them on numerous occasions to offer support, friendship, and love, which amazed Jodie and Louise both. Neither one of them would have expected such an outpouring of camaraderie from women they had never met. The men who read the blog . . . they weren’t always as accepting of what was written. Well, not the straight ones anyway. The blog’s numerous gay male followers thought it was fantastic that they were having the same problems finding a man as the women were.

Right Click Love is available NOW. Get your copy here!

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Get Vindicated with Lyric James ~ #excerpt, #bdsm

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013 | Book Pimpage, Coming Soon, Teaser Tuesday, Writing | No Comments


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I’m sharing more of my upcoming novella with you today for Teaser Tuesday. This story was my first exploration into writing BDSM and I rather enjoyed it (probably because I’ve also been reading so much of it). So much so that Vindication is the first book in a series I have planned about a fantasy sex club called Twine. I don’t think each book will be completely about BDSM but about people exploring their sexuality and the level of kink they want to introduce into their lives from voyeurism to straight BDSM. It was also the reason why I made Twine a “fantasy” sex club and not a straight up BDSM club. However, there WILL be some element of BDSM in all the books.

I picked the series title Twine because some level of BDSM always involves tying someone up: to a St. Andrews Cross, to a headboard, or the more elaborate rope tying called Shibari. When I was looking for a series title I consulted my handy dictionary/thesaurus app and Twine just seemed to fit.

The definition for Twine is a strong thread or string composed of two or more strands twisted together, a coiled or twisted object or part, a knot or tangle. Perfect right? The couples in my stories will always be twined or twisted emotionally as well in some kind of way.

The excerpt today comes from the part of the story when Zechariah and Karyn finally decide, well, they don’t “decide” to explore the Dom/sub lifestyle. Rather, they are put into this particular situation because they have no choice. Hope you enjoy!


Zechariah;s dick began to throb the moment he and Karyn walked through the door. Hell, even before that. His entire body ached with desire to have the woman he loved submit herself to him…in every way.

What was it with him?

What he desired ping-ponged between getting as far away from this place as he could to wanting Karyn naked on her knees in front of him. He had an inexplicable urge to spank her hot ass then fuck her against the wall right now. She really didn’t understand what she was asking for.

When Link materialized in his office doorway, he knew she’d find out soon enough.

“You’ve come to a decision.”

Karyn skittered to a stop and her gaze swung up to his. She stumbled over her words. “Yes…I guess so.”

“Good. It must have been providence you came today. Your trainer is here.”

Zechariah’s heart slammed in his throat. It was too soon. Too soon. But how else could he explain their presence unless it was to begin their new training. They couldn’t very well say they were tracking a possible killer.

Link walked toward them and stopped at a doorway. “Come with me.”

He and Karyn exchanged glances. They had no choice but to follow. The door opened into a long dark hallway with doors every twelve feet or so. Their heels clacking on the hard wood floors were like nails being driven into his ears.

Link opened the door onto a utilitarian space with red concrete floors and gray walls. A padded spanking bench was in the middle of the room and a black wooden Saint Andrew’s Cross with padded manacles was nailed onto the back wall. A bed outfitted with a fitted red silk sheet and black headboard sat recessed against the wall to the right. A dresser beside it.

A dungeon.


Vindication 2

Series: Twine

Book #1 – Vindication

Warning: This book contains a submissive ready to embrace her dark side…a Dom unwilling to dominate the woman he loves…and a killer with a dangerous secret to hide.

Private Investigator Karyn Harris’ sister was killed in the line of duty and branded a rogue cop. She’s spent the last year grieving and wishing she could find the one clue that will vindicate her sister. Zechariah Washington, an ex-cop and law student, is there to help ease her pain, but he wants to be more than a shoulder to cry on. After a mid-afternoon booty call, an unexpected phone call sends Karyn and Zechariah to the last place her sister was seen alive…the BDSM club, Twine. Karyn finds out more than she bargained for about the last few months of her sister’s life and realizes the only way to find her killer is to follow in her footsteps, become a member of the club and enlists Zechariah to go under cover with her. Before too long, Karyn realizes she’s going down the same path. When the dark fantasies of voyeurism, spankings and group sex become her own, finding her sister’s killer no longer drives her desire to return to the club again and again, but her erotic need for Zechariah’s dominance. Will she come to her senses before it’s too late or will Karyn and Zechariah fall victim to the same people who murdered her sister?

Vindication will be available March 1st! 


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Five Question Friday with @LisaBilbrey, #author, #interview, #book, #excerpt, #contest

Friday, February 15th, 2013 | Book Pimpage, Five Question Friday, Writing | 5 Comments

I would like to welcome author Lisa Belbrey to Five Question Friday! Lisa will be giving away an e-copy of Angel’s Heart: The Keeper to one lucky winner who posts on the blog.

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1. Who is your favorite character from your book and why?

My favorite character from my book, Angel’s Heart: The Keeper, is Sophie.
At the start of the book, she’s this little, lost girl, who thinks her
life is over, but it’s not. She’s stronger than she thinks she is and by
the end of the book, starts to see herself for her true self.

2. What can your readers expect from you in the future?

More books. I have a dozen projects going right now. This year alone, I am
releasing three novellas that are a part of The Journey Collection. The
first book in the collection has already been released, and book two comes
out in April.

3. What are 3 things you never leave home without (apart from keys, money
and phone)?

My daughters diabetic supplies, those are the most important to me and for
her. I always have my iPod. Music is the food for my soul, and I rely on
it to feed my mood. Lastly, I always have a notebook. You never know when
inspiration is going to hit, and I like to have something on hand to take
notes with.

4. Where is one place in the world that you would really love to visit

I really want to go to Hawaii. I tried to talk my husband into letting me
go for research purposes while writing Angel’s Heart, it’s placed in
Hawaii, but he didn’t think it was fair for me to go and leave him here
with the kids.

5. What was the hardest part of writing this book?

The ending. I fall in love with my characters, so ending a book and having
to say goodbye is heartbreaking for me.


Lisa Bilbrey - Angels Heart


Unaware of an age-old prophecy, secret societies, and an enemy she doesn’t
know she has, Sophie Crenshaw thinks of herself as just being average.
Along with her two best friends, Deva and Tabitha, Sophie sets off on what
she thinks is a normal vacation. What she doesn’t know is that everything
she thought she knew about who she is, and what she can do, is about to
change. Thrust in a world she knows nothing about, Sophie tries to find
her true self, without losing her grip on her own sanity.

Henry Chang lives in world full of magic, where the stories over the
legendary Angel’s Heart are spoken in whispered conversations, and
midnight meetings. His job is to protect the Heart, keep it safe from
anyone who wishes to hurt it or its Keeper. In a divine moment, he’s tied
to the Keeper’s heart forever. While trying to understand his own
feelings, Henry does what he can to support Sophie, and keep her from
falling apart.

With the help of Willow Crest members, who are sworn to protect her,
without ever meeting her, Sophie will struggle to get control of her
feeling and new found powers. Or will it be too much for her to handle?
Will their growing love give Sophie the strength and courage to face the
greatest challenge of her young life?


The closer they got to Sayar Island, the more anxious Sophie found herself
getting. Her toes tingled, and her hands shook; the feeling seeped up her
arms and into her chest. Soon the feeling had spread throughout her body.
Sophie’s heart began racing. Reaching up, she wrapped her fingers around
the small heart-shaped charm hanging around her neck.

The stone burned under her hand at the same moment she heard a familiar
voice whisper in her ear, “Don’t fight it.” Gasping, Sophie brought her
other hand up, covering her mouth. It had been her father’s voice, like
he’d been sitting right next to her. “Let go, honey.”

“Dad!” Sophie yelled, scrambling to her feet. Everyone turned, staring at
her, but she didn’t care.

“Sophie, sit down,” Tabitha ordered, throwing herself onto Sophie and
trying to drag her down onto the seat. “You’re going to fall overboard.”

“Didn’t you hear him?” Sophie wailed, struggling to free herself from the
arms wrapped around her. Before she knew what was happening, Sophie found
herself being pulled from Tabitha’s arms. Looking up, she saw Henry
holding her. “He’s here.”

Henry didn’t argue with her. Instead, he settled back on the bench seat
with her in his lap, holding her even tighter. Sophie’s nails dug into her
palm while she gripped her necklace, ignoring the fiery burn scorching her
flesh. Still the tingle inside of her grew, intensifying at an agonizingly
slow pace. By the time Oliver pulled the boat up to the docks at Sayar
Island, Sophie was nearly gasping for air. Scrambling out of Henry’s arms,
she jumped off the side of the boat, landing on the dock, and took off
running toward the crystal white sand.

“Sophie, stop!” Deva yelled, but Sophie ignored her.

She stepped off the wooden dock, letting her foot touch the sand. Just as
on the boat, the feeling inside her increased. Falling onto her knees, she
brought her hands up, eyes popping open when they began glowing. The glow
shot up her arms, wrapping around every inch of her body. Crying out
again, Sophie tumbled forward, seeing everyone run toward her just before
everything went dark.

Angel’s Heart: The Keeper is available NOW!! Get your copy here.

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Lyric James’ Teaser Tuesday ~ Vindication ~ #excerpt, #BDSM, #ebook

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013 | Book Pimpage, Coming Soon, Writing | No Comments

Six Sentence Sunday is gone… :-(

That’s a sad face! But picture my happy face now. :-) I miss giving you little teasers from my books so I’ve decided to start doing “Teaser Tuesday’s.” It will be a just a little tease of a current WIP or upcoming book.  Today…an upcoming book.  This is my first attempt at BDSM (light) but I really enjoyed writing this book. It’s erotic romance and romantic suspense, which are my two favs.  I  hope you enjoy!

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Vindication 2

Karyn drew in a bracing breath and opened the door. But to her horror, Zechariah stood directly in her path, staring at her with a chocolate brown gaze that promised retribution. He grabbed her by the arm and yanked forward.

“I asked you…no. I told you not to come here,” he snapped.



In her twisted, twisted mind she wanted this from him. She wanted him to take control and tell her what to do. Fresh pleasure arced through her body and her pussy clenched.  Because she trailed behind him, she couldn’t see the harsh angles of his face. But she felt his heat, the leashed anger that simmered and flowed back at her in waves.

She’d known he’d be furious with her but hadn’t expected to feel this sick thrill inside her, the side of her that wanted his punishment, wanted a spanking like she’d witnessed earlier.

Zechariah steered her between rows and rows of cars, and she was jolted by a shameful hot spark of need, needing his touch so badly.

At the front of his vehicle he wrenched her around. “What the hell is wrong with you?” he hissed between clenched teeth.

Vindication will be available March 1st!!!

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Five Question Friday with Daniel Alexander, #excerpt, #authorinterview, #freebook, @danielalex_book

Friday, February 8th, 2013 | Book Pimpage, Five Question Friday, Writing | No Comments

I would like to thank author Daniel Alexander for stopping by my blog today for Five Question Friday. Daniel has graciously agreed to give away an e-copy of Through the Crimson Mirror to one lucky person who posts on the blog. Good luck! Now…here’s Daniel!

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1.  What can your readers expect from you in the future?

I’m learning to become a better public speaker and hope to one day speak at international conferences. I also want to finish the next two books in my current series. In addition, I chatted with a friend yesterday, and we are going to interview divorced women, and publish a book about their stories to help other women in divorce. (I’m a guy just by the by)

2.  What book are you currently reading and in what format (ebook/paperback/hardcover)?

I just finished On the Road by Jack Kerouac in paperback. Next I’ll probably read Life through my eyes by Sandi McCormick-Scott. Alternatively, The Guardians Within by Erica Clarke. I’ve met both of them personally. They local authors in my home city.

3.  Where and when do you prefer to do your writing?

When is anytime. The where is usually in coffee shops. Writing at home can get boring.

4.  Where is one place in the world that you would really love to visit someday?

New York, New York (sing it like Sinatra)

5.  Why did you choose to write in your particular field or genre?  If you write more than one, how do you balance them?

I chose to write in this genre so I can share my story and help others not make the same mistakes.

Daniel Alexander - Through The Crimson Mirror


Computers have very quickly integrated themselves into our lives. We all know that we have to update the software now and again to make sure it runs optimally. When the latest anti-virus comes out, we rush off to the shops to buy it to make sure our computers stay clean. But, do we do the same with our minds? Do we ever take the time to clean out our mind and our beliefs? What my book is about, is our beliefs concerning our children: the most precious beings in the world to us.

My book is very uniquely positioned as it’s written from the perspective of a child. Communication is supposed to be a two-way-street, but for a long time society adopted the attitude of “children are to be seen and not heard” and we’re seeing the repercussions of that now. More and more people are turning to drugs and alcohol, there are more teenage pregnancies, depression and suicide are becoming bigger and bigger problems, and the list goes on. There are similar root causes for many of these problems, which can be addressed as children are growing up.

So my book is all about me and all the lessons I wish I had learned while growing up. It is unique in that it’s written from a child’s point of view and not parents. What sets it apart from other books in similar categories is that it’s both a story (autobiography) and a parenting /self-help book, so it’s easy to read and you can learn something from it.


The “methods, techniques, etc., used or required to take care of and support children up to maturity,” is that putting a roof over your children’s heads and food in their stomachs? If you wanted to have children, I should hope you’d want to do that for them. To me, those kinds of things should be minimum requirements to become a parent. Let’s say that’s a good start. Surely though, parenting’s much more than that. Let’s use a metaphor here to get a better understanding of what I mean.

In the business world, does the boss consider you an employee just for gracing the office with your presence? Do you receive a salary just for donning your company’s uniform? You might. Soon however, when the bosses catch on, chances are you’ll be out of there. Therefore, for the boss to consider you an employee, you must arrive at work on time and do your work.

Let’s take it a step further. Are you a good employee or employee of the month? Do you deserve a raise or bonus just for arriving on time and doing the minimum amount of work assigned to you? No, I don’t think so. You have to go the extra mile, put in a few additional hours, come up with a unique idea, be proactive, get the big contract, impresses the bosses, etc.

How does all this relate to parenting? Well, in a similar vein, are you a parent just for having a baby? Based on the above, I hope most readers will agree and say, “No.” You need to provide your children with food, security, a roof over their heads, an education and a few other essentials.

Many great people have said it countless times before; to get the right answers we must ask the right questions. I hope no one reading this book is striving to be just a parent, just do the bare minimum. If we look back at the question that started this SYMPHONY, “What is parenting?” it doesn’t seem like the right question to ask then. A better question to ask is, “What is great parenting?” I hope that throughout this book I’ll answer that question, or at least have a good stab at it. For the sake of having a definition that we can articulate, let’s conjure up a few points now.

Great parents put their own differences and prejudices aside. If they need help, they’re willing to get it and admit to their problems. They enable us by giving us choices, not opportunities on a silver platter, but rather skills so that we can have choices. With choices and skills, we can seek our own opportunities. Great parents teach us their mistakes and let us go, so we can make and learn from our own mistakes while they support us. When we ask for help in the end, they’re the ones who are there because they’re wiser and more experienced than we are, and realize that even they don’t know everything. They’re along for the ride with us, so they too learn and grow by our sides. Great parents teach us how to be strong, confident and how to communicate effectively. They realize that times change and things will never be the same as when they grew up. Parents such as these, light up a room when we enter because they’re as much a friend to us, as a parent. They show us proper family values and unconditional love, and what those things mean. Great parents muster the courage to firstly talk to us about, and secondly, tell the truth about, sex, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and the peer pressure associated with these. They guide without force while showing discipline and still being kind. All the above, and more, makes you a great parent!


Through The Crimson Mirror is available NOW! Get your copy here.

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Five Question Friday Featuring HollyTrent, #author, #interview, #ebook, #contest, #excerpt, @hollytrent

Friday, February 1st, 2013 | Book Pimpage, Five Question Friday | 7 Comments

I would like to thank author Holly Trent for stopping by my blog today for Five Question Friday! It’s my first official FQF and I’m honored Holly is my first guest!

Holly will be giving away an e-copy of her newest release Her Resident Jester to anyone who posts on the blog. All you have to do is enter the Rafflecopter below! Good luck!

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1.  Who is your favorite character from your book and why?

Hero and heroine aside, Marcia is my favorite character from Her Resident Jester. She’s actually a bit of a mess, but she does the best she can by her little sister. She wants her to make good decisions even when they’re hard. She’s totally got that big sister “Do as I say, not as I do,” thing happening.

2.  What can your readers expect from you in the future?

Longer works. Her Resident Jester is one of the last short works I’ll have coming out for a while. Most of what I’ve written in the past year has been novel-length contemporaries and paranormal romances.

I’ve got an interracial single title cowboy novel I’m querying at the moment, a series with hot geeks in the works, and next month I’ll be starting something my author friend Vristen Pierce would call “unholy.” I’m excited! (Heh.)

3.  Where and when do you prefer to do your writing?

Assuming it’s below 120 degrees, I write in my home office. It’s in a loft and you know what they say about heat rising? That’s no joke. And since I live on the Colorado Front Range, it’s really dry with not much breeze. Feels like hell in here. When it’s unbearable, I have a desk in the master bedroom.

Most of my word count happens in late evenings. I really don’t “turn on” until after four for some reason.

4.  If your book was made into a TV series or Movie, what actors would you like to see playing your characters?

Gawd. That’s hard. I suppose Shane could be played by Rashida Jones. She kinda has the look. Derek, maybe Bradley James—that guy from Merlin. Casting Marcia would be problematic. We’d have to go with an unknown entity.

5.  What was the hardest part of writing this book?

This story, though it’s a short one, has been a lot of years in the making and has gone through a bunch of different revisions. The original version was a chick lit short story I wrote for a contest. It finaled in that contest, but the sponsor went bust and nothing ever happened with it.

Years later, I dug the story out and re-worked it into a romance, although it still has that first person POV chick lit flair.

The hardest part in getting the story to its current version was slashing a significant amount of words, eliminating unnecessary scenes, editing out some jokes…you know: killing my darlings. I had gotten so used to the story in the version it was formerly it was hard to improve it the way it needed.


Holly Trent - Her Resident Jester


Marketing executive Shane Andrews’s reluctant participation in a research study leads to the stunning discovery she needs immediate surgery.

Out of sorts, and in a moment of spectacular tactlessness, she insults a man wearing a red rubber nose and big floppy shoes. He turns out to be Derek Palmer: Edenton’s hottest young surgeon…and the resident observing her operation.

With her body and pride both on the mend, Shane hides out to prevent further humiliation. She can’t avoid the gorgeous clown too long, however. Edenton is a small town, and Derek isn’t content with letting her wallow. What kind of clown would he be if he did?


“Looks fun,” the clown said. His voice, rather than being high-pitched and grating, was deep—melodic. He squatted down next to me and rolled up his sleeves to reveal a quotation tattoo on one strong forearm. He pulled his rainbow Afro wig off to rake fingers through his damp blond hair and raised one scribbled-on eyebrow at me.

I slammed the cover of my notebook closed and could feel myself burn in a full-body blush.

“The notebook, I mean,” he said. “Crocodile?”

I could feel my blush receding. He hadn’t been able to read that fast. I nodded. “Yeah. Faux. My friend, Laura, gave the cover to me one Christmas. My sister has one, too. Hers is blue.” Mine was hot pink.

Derek rested his hands on the tops of his thighs and met my eyes. “So, you come here often?” he asked, repeating his question from the first time we’d met.

I cringed, and then laughed. “Yeah, I guess I do. It doesn’t always seem planned, though.” I scrambled to shove all the literature back into the portfolio in my bag upon realizing it was all laying out with titles apparent. I didn’t really want to talk about it.

“So, you’re a clown?” I asked, fearing my raised eyebrows expressed disdain more than curiosity.

“Would it be better if I said I am an actor?”

I pondered that, but didn’t really have any personal experience in that domain. I shrugged.

“Or a lawyer?”

Definitely not. The idea of having someone argue with me on everything was unattractive and, given my propensity to stutter like a motorboat when drawn into debate, probably not a good relationship fit.

“I’m a student.”

Philosophy. I was willing to stake my next paycheck on him being a philosophy geek. They do make the best slackers, after all. Well, that’s not true. Marcia had been a philosophy minor, but she did it to balance all the physics courses she was taking.

“This is where you ask, ‘Oh! What do you study?’” he said in a falsetto, mocking my would-be question voice.

“What do you study?” I asked too late and lacking sufficient enthusiasm. I think I saw a smile curl on his lips, but he looked around the tree I was leaning against, smiled, and pulled his wig back on. When I twisted around to see what the new cacophony of sound was, I quickly located a fresh group of moms with toddlers who’d all arrived simultaneously. I watched the back of Derek’s drooping polka-dotted pants as he shuffled away from me in floppy shoes.

Her Resident Jester is available NOW. Grab your copy here!


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