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Would You Like Candy or Kink For Xmas? #bloghop #ebook #GC

Friday, December 14th, 2012 | Blog Hop, Book Pimpage, Contests, Holiday's | 42 Comments

How about a little bit of both?


Welcome to my stop on the Candy Cane Kink Blog Hop! I would like to thank Close Encounters of the Night Kind and Natasha Blackthorne for sponsoring the hop!

Now…let’s have some kinky fun!

What is more kinkier than a sexy secret Santa? Nothing I tell you. I got a little kinky with my Christmas story, The Secret Santa Project!

The Secret Santa Project Cover 2

Here’s an excerpt…

They hurried past the bar and the restaurant and fell into the elevator in each other’s arms. Thank God, they were alone.

She sought out the thick, hard length of his cock with her palm, and he went rigid, his breathing fast and labored. “Oh, I’ve waited so long for this,” she said on a sigh.

His thumbs moved in slow circles around her nipples. She let a whimper escape and closed her hand around him. He gazed at her with heavy, half-lidded eyes and continued to pleasure her breasts.

“You have no idea,” he said as the door opened.

They rushed out into the hallway, laughing and stumbling toward the room. He backed her against the door, lingering over her neck as he slipped the keycard into the slot.

She moved her palm along his impressive length, which strained against his pants, and he groaned. Inside the room, he dropped the present and his jacket to the floor, and she kicked off her shoes. His mouth swooped down again to her nipples, and her knees began to shake. The tips of his fingers moved along her shoulders and eased her dress down until it fell in a heap at her feet. She stepped out of it.

“Beautiful,” he said, trailing the pads of his fingers over her stomach, across her hip, to the rim of her panties. Unaware she’d been holding her breath, she released it in a slow, ragged exhale. She gasped when his digits plunged inside her thong to cup and stroke her, parting her with a strong, sure touch that quickly found her most secret spot and teased it.

Somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew they needed to stop, take a breath, and talk. But the happiness and desire swirling inside her wouldn’t allow it. She jerked at his touch, tension coiling within her tighter and tighter. The air in the room was cool and caused her already swollen nipples to pucker even more.

Richard’s mouth closed around her breast, and she moaned, allowing her head to fall back in ecstasy. Gently, he pushed her backward until she rested on the bed. Kneeling between her thighs, he kissed and licked a path down her belly until he reached the apex between her legs. He used a thumb to trace the line of her lower lips, making her quiver from head to toe. He rubbed delicious circles around the fleshy center, sliding back and forth until he stopped at her clit.

Her breath came in short pants as her body began to crest to that magnificent place where ecstasy and passion collide. But then he took his thumb away, and she whimpered, ‘No. Oh, no. Please don’t stop.”

“Don’t worry, baby. I’m just getting started,” he said as he began to remove his clothes. His body was all sinewy muscle, firm and sleek, like some Greek god.

And he was finally hers.

When he finished, his strong hands pushed her knees far apart, and then his face was between her legs, nuzzling her, kissing the tender flesh. Any thought she held in her head emptied when his mouth closed over her clit and she cried out. Richard made a definite sound of male pleasure deep in his throat and pushed her thighs back even more. He parted her lips with his tongue and lapped at her as if he were trying to get to the center of a lollipop.

Reghan melted under his assault, forming small, unintelligible cries of bliss in the back of her throat. He went on and on, gyrating his tongue one moment then plunging it inside the next. He gripped her bottom and continued to lick her over and over until he fastened on her clitoris and sucked it hard.

She shattered and felt like a million stars bursting in the sky at the same time. Screaming in ecstasy, she gripped the sheets as her back arched off the bed.


Now who wouldn’t want a sexy secret Santa like that? I know I would. Read all about Richard and Reghan by purchasing a copy here. Enter my contest by signing into the Rafflecopter below. I will be giving away a free e-copy of the Secret Santa Project and a $20.00 gift certificate to Amazon.

Good luck, have fun hopping and Merry Christmas!


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Lyric James is Looking Ahead to 2013 #goals #writing #wip

Thursday, December 6th, 2012 | Coming Soon, Random Thoughts, Work In Progress, Writing | 5 Comments

It’s well into December and time to start thinking about what I plan to write next year. Setting goals is the name of the game!

  1. What do I want to accomplish?
  2. How many novels do I want to write?
  3. Who do I want to publish with?

These are all the questions that have crossed my mind in the last week.

What do I want to accomplish? I want to sell one million copies of all of my novels! Seriously! What are you laughing at? Hey, it’s possible. *grumble*

Ha! It IS possible…but will it happen?…Doubtful.

What I really want to accomplish is consistently writing EVERY SINGLE DAY. Writing well, writing what I want,  and writing books I’d want to read myself. Write just as much for “my” pleasure as I do for my wonderful readers. And hey, if that gets me to 100 copies or 1,000,000 copies…I’m happy and I won’t complain.

How many novels do I want to write? 16! I’m going to have to put on my big girl panties for this. Seriously! I’ve never written that much. Ever. Yes, some of them will be short stories (10K-20K) but that’s still a lot for me. I’m going to have to be really dedicated and determined next year to get this done. Right now…I’m motivated. Let’s hope I stay that way. I’ve completed a production schedule for all twelve months that include what books I will be writing, what I will be self-publishing, and to what e-publishers I’ll be sending certain stories to. The only person I’m accountable to is myself as far as this production schedule is concerned so the only person I’ll disappoint if I don’t accomplish all of this is me. I’m hoping I’ll be able to pat myself on the back this time next year.

Who do I want to publish with? Other than the three publishers I’ve already published with: Cobblestone Press, Samhain Publishing, and Elloras Cave, I don’t think I’m going to add anyone to this list. Yesterday I read about an interesting collaboration between Cosmo and Harlequin and…it’s tempting. So we’ll see about that. One day I’d love to submit something to a traditional publisher, but right now, with my self-publishing thrown in the mix…I’m happy with what I’m doing right now. Besides, traditional publishing means deadlines. I hate deadlines. Like I said earlier, if I don’t meet my goals, the only person I’m accountable to is ME. The disappointment will rest fully on my shoulders. I’d like to keep it that way for now.

So my fellow writers out there….are you thinking about your goals for next year? What are they? How many books would you like to write? Please comment. Cause I’m just nosy like that!

Peace, love and sex!




Would you like to get Under His Cover’s with Lyric James – Six Sentence Sunday #sixsunday #ebook

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012 | Book Pimpage, Coming Soon, Six Sentence Sunday, Writing | 3 Comments

Today’s Six Sentence Sunday comes from my upcoming release, Under His Cover! This six comes from the upcoming scene of the book. See if you can guess where my heroine, Jade, is. Enjoy! And don’t forget to visit the other Six Sentence Sunday authors here.


The bouquet careened toward her like a harpoon.

“I got it.”

“No, I got it,” the other women around her screamed and laughed.

Did she want it?

Invisible fingers began to claw at her throat. The beat of her heart echoed loudly in her ears. Mouths moved, music played, but the sense of being underwater assailed her. She got shoved in both directions in a haze of silk, satin, and lace.

Hell no.


And I just got the cover art. Check it out. It conveys the title perfectly!


Under His Cover will be available December 15th! Here’s the blurb…

A night neither one of them can forget…

When Jade Conner attends her friend’s wedding she never intended to slip out of the reception and enjoy a one night stand with the sexy best man, Rhys Cunningham.

A lieutenant governor willing to bend the law to keep a family secret hidden forever…

When Rhys begins to receive threatening letters, a secret he’s kept hidden for eighteen years is about to be exposed if he doesn’t find some way to stop it.

A blackmailer with a hidden agenda who wants to expose it all…

Instead of going to the police, Rhys hires Jade to go undercover as his executive assistant to find out whose sending the threats. Jade refuses to let their one night together interfere with the job she’s been hired to do. But maintaining a professional relationship with the man who made her toes curl becomes a little difficult when every time she turns around…she ends up under his covers.

Peace, love and sex!




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