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Monday, October 31st, 2011 | Movie Monday | No Comments

I caught up on some DVD movies this weekend I’ve had in the collection for awhile. Saturday, I watched Bridesmaids and Bad Teacher.



Can I say….HILARIOUS!!!!

I watched Bridesmaids first. I shifted from “Oh my God, she’s pathetic…” to rollilng on the floor laughing my ass off. Those ladies were so crazy and so funny! If you haven’t seen it, you need to. Not a movie for the kiddos but awesome!

If you want to see Cameron Diaz like you’ve never seen her, well, this is the movie. She was off the chain crazy. Plus, it has Justin Timberlake. He’s such a cutie! Again, not a movie for the kiddos but great for an adult laugh.

See you next week at the movies!

Peace, love & Sex,




Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 30th, 2011 | Holiday's, Random Thought Sunday | No Comments

A bald man with a wooden leg gets invited to a Halloween party. He doesn’t know what costume to wear to hide his head and his leg so he writes to a costume company to explain his problem. A few days later he received a parcel with the following note:

Dear Sir,

Please find enclosed a pirate’s outfit. The spotted handkerchief will cover your bald head and, with your wooden leg, you will be just right as a pirate.

Very truly yours,
Acme Costume Co.

The man thinks this is terrible because they have emphasized his wooden leg and so he writes a letter of complaint. A week goes by and he receives another parcel and a note, which says:

Dear Sir,

Please find enclosed a monk’s costume. The long robe will cover your wooden leg and, with your bald head, you will really look the part.

Very truly yours,
Acme Costume Co.

Now the man is really upset since they have gone from emphasizing his wooden leg to emphasizing his bald head so again he writes the company another nasty letter of complaint. The next day he gets a small parcel and a note, which reads:

Dear Sir,

Please find enclosed a bottle of molasses and a bag of crushed nuts. Pour the molasses over your bald head, pat on crushed nuts, stick your wooden leg up your ass and go as a caramel apple.

Very truly yours,
Acme Costume Co.

:-) LOL … Wnat more? Visit

Also…don’t forget to stop by the Panormal Romantics Blog for a chance to win your choice of a Nook, Kindle Touch, or a $100 gift cert to either Amazon or Barnes & Noble.  Find my blog post for a chance to win a copy of my new story, Halloween Wish.


Peace, Love and Sex,




Self Promotion SATURDAY

Saturday, October 29th, 2011 | Self Promotion Saturday, Writing | No Comments

Well…it IS my blog for goodness sake so I should be able to “pimp” myself a little bit…shouldn’t I? Of course you say. I want to hear ALL about YOUR books Lyric!


Blameless self promotion Saturday will be dedicated to me, myself, and I, whether I’m pimping one of my own books, I’m blogging somewhere, chatting somewhere…etc.

Today’s post is book pimpage. My newest book has been released from Cobblestone Press!

This is the first installment of my holiday themed stories of women taking a chance, their last chance, to find love.


Last Chance means the freedom to act out any fantasy, on any desire.

There are no rules.

No boundaries.

It could be a last chance at love.

Halloween Wish

For Jordan Keys, a neighbors Halloween party is her last chance to fulfill a desire that has fueled her dreams for years, to spend one night in the arms of Kaden James. When she put on her genie costume, she never expected Kaden to ask her for the one wish she’s always wanted. But when the night is over, will a Halloween wish be the beginning or the end, after they discover that one night may never be enough to make all their wishes come true.

 Check it out at Cobblestone Press



Book Review FRIDAY

Friday, October 28th, 2011 | Book Pimpage, Book Review Friday | No Comments

Friday’s will be dedicated to reviewing books I read from my personal library. Because I am a middle-school librarian, my reviews will cover the gamet from middle-grade to young adult to … well, you know what I write!


So, here’s my first review. I adored the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan and am so glad he’s written another series with/about some of the same characters. The first book was The Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero.  This review is for the second book.


The Heroes of Olympus: The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan

So awesome to be in Percy’s head again! Once again Rick Riordan took me away to the awesome world of Roman/Greek mythology via his demigods. Instead of Camp Halfblood…in this book we visit the counterpart Roman camp, Camp Jupiter. In this part of the saga Percy has lost (well it was taken) his memory and ends up at Camp Jupiter where he meets Hazel and Frank, and of course, they are sent on a quest.

I will NOT reveal any spoilers but if you were a fan of the Percy Jackson series, this one does not disappoint. I just hate that I have to wait until the fall of 2012 to read the next one, which is titled (because I looked on his website) The Mark of Athena. I can only assume this story will center on Annabeth. AND…I’m also guessing that the seven heroes of the great prophecy are now: Jason, Piper, Leo (all from The Lost Hero), and Percy, Hazel, Frank (all from The Son of Neptune) and Annabeth…I could be wrong.

I must also mention that I love Love LOVE that Rick Riordan has made the heroes in his books so “multicultural” (Leo is Hispanic, Hazel is African American, Frank is Asian). As a librarian, it is so incredibly awesome to see that in middle grade/young adult fiction. You go Rick!

I give it 5 out of 5 stars!




Thursday, October 27th, 2011 | Holiday's, Thursday Thirteen | No Comments

In honor of Halloween coming up next week…

Halloween Holiday Trivia

  1. Orange and black are Halloween colors because orange is associated with the Fall harvest and black is associated with darkness and death.
  2. Jack o’ Lanterns originated in Ireland where people placed candles in hollowed-out turnips to keep away spirits and ghosts on the Samhain holiday.
  3. Pumpkins also come in white, blue and green. Great for unique monster carvings!
  4. Halloween was brought to North America by immigrants from Europe who would celebrate the harvest around a bonfire, share ghost stories, sing, dance and tell fortunes.
  5. Tootsie Rolls were the first wrapped penny candy in America.
  6. The ancient Celts thought that spirits and ghosts roamed the countryside on Halloween night. They began wearing masks and costumes to avoid being recognized as human.
  7. Halloween candy sales average about 2 billion dollars annually in the United States.
  8. Chocolate candy bars top the list as the most popular candy for trick-or-treaters with Snickers #1.
  9. Halloween is the 2nd most commercially successful holiday, with Christmas being the first.
  10. Bobbing for apples is thought to have originated from the roman harvest festival that honors Pamona, the goddess of fruit trees.
  11. Black cats were once believed to be witch’s familiars who protected their powers.
  12. Mexicans celebrate The Day of the Dead (El Dia de los Muertos)
  13. Halloween was referred to as All Hallows Eve and dates back to over 200o years ago as a traditional pagan celebration.

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Wednesday, October 26th, 2011 | Sexy Eye Candy, Wicked Wednesday | No Comments

Wicked Wednesday is dedicated to sexy man eye candy. That’s right. Beautiful men with even more beautiful bodies! Come on…you know you like it! You know you want to see it!

For my first inaugural post I’ve chosen Ryan Reynolds.

Come on…you gotta admit it. He’s a cutie! I don’t know what happened between him and Scarlet. Of course I’m nosy…but it’s none of my beeswax so…whatev! I wonder if the rumors are true about him and Sandra Bulluck. I love SB. We’ll see if love is in the cards for these two soon I’m guessing.

Enough of that…here’s some pics of the beautiful sexy Ryan! Yum…yum…look at those abs!




Tuesday, October 25th, 2011 | Ten Line Tuesday, Work In Progress, Writing | No Comments

What I will do on Ten Line Tuesday is post ten lines from a current WIP (Work In Progress) that I’m working on to wet your appetite for an upcoming story by yours truly.  The following ten lines come from a novel I’m working on called And Then Some. It’s a menage. Oh yeah baby! My first time writing one. It’s been an interesting couple of months trying to work in the thoughts and feelings of “three” main characters. I’m working it out though. Wish me luck!

This is completely unedited. Don’t be too harsh on me :-) Here goes…


“One time. The only time. It’s not going to happen again and when you and Morgan finish my yard, I don’t see a reason we have to see each other ever again.”

There he went with the stalking again.

This time when he pressed her back against the wall it was fear she felt, not for her life or anything like that. She knew he wouldn’t hurt her. But what she was in danger of becoming was addicted to him and his brother, to the pleasure they could offer her, and she wouldn’t let that happen again. From firsthand experience she knew what addictive personalities could do to a person.

“Let me remind you of something,” he said before he lifted her off her feet and sat her on the table. And before she could do anything but moan, he’d pulled her skirt up around her
waist, he was on his knees and between her legs.


So…what do you think? You like it?

Peace, love and sex!




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Monday, October 24th, 2011 | Movie Monday | No Comments

So…in my effort to have “themes” for each day of the week so I’ll something interesting to talk about…today is MOVIE Monday!

Today’s topic…movie’s I’m looking forward to seeing in the upcoming months.

1. The Rum Diary…maybe…I like Johnny Depp. He has such range! He can play so many different believable characters you hardly believe it’s him.

2. Tower Heist – Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller…oh yes! It looks like Eddie might be coming back. He always does so well with comedies.

3. The Son of No One…maybe…I like Channing Tatum. He’s cute. Enough said!

4. Immortals – Henry Cavill. He’s cute. Enough said! Plus…he’s the new Superman! Gotta see it.

5. Jack and Jill…maybe. I like Adam Sandler sometimes. I think this one is a romantic comedy. The last one he did with Jennifer Anniston was pretty good.

6. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn…seriously…did you even wonder!

7. New Years Eve. I liked the Valentine’s Day one along the same theme so…it’s on the list.

8. Sherlock Holmes. No other reason than I liked the last one. May as well see the second one too.

9. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. Tom Cruise can always be expected to have some crazy stunts in his action movies. It’s on the list.

10. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo…maybe. I haven’t read the books. Not sure about this one.

Okay…I’ll stop at 10. Believe…there are a lot more but I’ll save them for a beginning of the year post. These ten get me through the end of December.

So…tell me…what movies are you looking forward to seeing in the near future?


Peace, love and sex!




Lyric’s Back!

Sunday, October 23rd, 2011 | Random Thought Sunday, Writing | No Comments

That’s right! You heard it right from me. I. Am. BACK!

Back to blogging!

Back to writing!

Where have I been you ask? Well, no where in particular. Life just…kinda of took over. BUT, I’ve decided that life is too short to not do something…commit to something you’re passionate about. And I’m passionate about the written word, writing…my writing. So, this summer I brushed the cobwebs off my computer, pulled out my zip drive and not only wrote, but SOLD two stories! That’s right. So, look for some new stories from me real soon…like this week actually! Halloween Wish, an erotic contemporary romance will release this week from Cobblestone Press. Phoenix Kiss, an erotic paranormal romance will release in the near future from Ellora’s Cave.

So get ready for some new stuff from Lyric. I’m letting my imagination fly and I want to share it with all of you. :-)

As for blogging…I plan to do it every day from here on out unless something unforeseen happens. But, I’m not a random thoughts type of girl. What I mean by that is that I’m not the type of person who just has something “elightening” to say every single day. I need a theme! So, with that, I’ve come up with topic days for each day of the week.

  • Random Thought SUNDAY
  • Movie MONDAY
  • Ten Line TUESDAY
  • Wicked WEDNESDAY
  • THURSDAY Thirteen
  • Book Review FRIDAY
  • Self Promotion SATURDAY

Be sure and drop by and get me a shout! I love visitors!

Peace, Love & Sex,






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