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"Novelty Girl" Saturday

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Have a great weekend.



"Cobblestone Press" Friday

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Released today from Cobblestone Press!

In The Still Of The Night by Samantha Lucas

Jayden hasn’t spoken in years, but in Mica’s arms, passion speaks louder than the words trapped inside her. Mica has no idea how much trouble his damsel in distress has gotten him into, but in the still of the night, nothing has ever felt so right as loving Jayden.

To Serve and Protect: Where There’s Smoke by Anna Leigh Keaton

After suffering unmentionable horrors, Kate has finally found a man to trust…and love. Until he’s accused of the vandalism to her pub. Toby only wants to keep Kate safe, but his own tainted past rears up to bite him. Can Kate see beyond her belief that where there’s smoke….

Up In Flames by Emma Sinclair

Kat Ashbrook has two things on her mind—catching a murderer and sexy new boss, Connor Mercer. She never expected his come-hither looks, but she’s betting she can resist if she keeps her mind on the job. Too bad a prank leads to her surrender and possibly their deaths.

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"Sexy Sheets" Thursday

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Look…didn’t I tell you last week that I had a little obsession thing going on with him. Get used to it! LOL

Look at those “abs.” How can you not drool over them?

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Happy Thursday!



Weight Watcher Wednesday

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I gained a stinking 1/2 pound last week. But, I’m not surprised. I didn’t exercise the three days before I weighed in, and I ate like a little piglet that previous weekend and I cheated. So sue me! However, I’m still below the original goal I’d set, so that’s good.

Also, I had to change my weigh-in day because the hubby’s schedule changed. He used to be off on Saturday’s and Sunday’s, and Saturday was my day. But I’ve now switched to Wednesday’s so I’ll be going this evening. Wish me luck that I’ve lost my goal of 2 pounds..hopefully more. I’ve been doing really good since last Wednesday. I haven’t cheated, I’ve exercised four days, plus I’ll be exercising tomorrow before I go as well. So here’s to weight loss!

Smooches, Lyric

Extra! Extra!

Weight Loss This Week – 3 lbs

Total Weight Loss – 14 1/2 lbs.


W.I.P. Tuesday

Wednesday, January 10th, 2007 | Uncategorized | No Comments

My new story is rolling along. It’s tentatively titled Thoroughly Tempted. Here’s the blurb…

Wesley Duncan’s cousin sends him on a forced vacation, a week at Tempted, the perfect place for him to recover from a gun shot wound he received on the job. But recovery becomes the last thing on his mind with a woman like Sierra around.

Sierra Morgan is looking forward to having Tempted, the Florida resort and spa she owns with her best friend, all to herself for a week. So, when a sexy stranger shows up, Sierra is in serious danger of becoming thoroughly tempted.

I’m currently on page 25 (single spaced) of this wip and it’s coming along well. I have no targeted word count….I’m just letting the writing take me where it wants me to go. I have several (depending on how long it ends up) e-pubs I’m considering sending it to, so we’ll see.

Happy Tuesday



Mystery Monday

Tuesday, January 9th, 2007 | Uncategorized | No Comments

My cozy author feature this week is Kate Collins. She’s the author of four cozy mystery’s called “The Flower Shop Mystery’s.”

The Flower Shop Mystery’s are about Abby Knight, a defunct law student who bought a flower shop. The first book in the series is called “Mum’s The Word.”

So maybe Abby’s life isn’t the bed of roses she was hoping it would be. She adores her job, but a new low-cost competitor is killing her profits – and a black SUV just rammed her vintage Corvette in a hit-and-run. Determined to track down the driver, she accepts the help of hunky ex-cop Marco Salvare. But their budding relationship is threatened when the trail turns deadly. Now Abby is caught in a tangle of menacing phone calls, police corruption, and murderous road rage. If she’s not careful, the next flower arrangement might be for her own funeral.

The second book in the series is called “Slay It With Flowers”, the third, “Dearly Depotted” (which I’m reading now and loving it), and the fourth, “Snipped In The Bud” (the one I read first).

Someone orders a black rose for Abby’s old law school nemesis, Professor “Snapdragon” Puffer. But her plans for a speedy delivery are foiled when he catches her putting the bloom on his desk and sends it straight into the trash. Abby flees in terror, only to run smack into Carson Reed, the professor who recently had her arrested at an animal rights protest. After a biting exchange, Abby storms out of the building. But if there’s anything she can’t stand, it’s injustice and bullies. So, even though she knows bad luck comes in threes, she ignores the advice of her sometimes boyfriend, hunk-a-licious Marco Salvare, and heads back in to retrieve her dignity and her flower – only to find the rose now decorating a dead professor, and herself the prime suspect.

I have absolutely loved this series even though I read them all out of order. Ms. Collins has a new book in the series coming out in March called “Acts of Violets.” You can visit her on the web here.

Now, go out and buy some books!

Smooches, Lyric


Did I Stick To My Goals?

Monday, January 8th, 2007 | Uncategorized | No Comments

Ha! Fat chance. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. The two stories I told you about last week started off pretty strong…I was keeping to my word count and then by Thursday, I fizzled out. Didn’t write anything Friday. However, inspiration struck on Saturday and I wrote over 20 pages this past weekend…on a totally different story. How crazy is that?

Still, it did feel good to put words on paper. It is an awesome feeling. So, I plan to continue with this story and hopefully complete it soon and start another. The other two might just sit on the back burner for now unless another magic jolt of inspirations kicks in.

I hope you have a great week!

Smooches, Lyric


"Novelty Girl" Saturday

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Come join me over at the Novelty Girls today!

Smooches, Lyric


Cobblestone Press Friday

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Released today from Cobblestone Press

In The Runes: Last Resort by Jennah Sharpe

Her runes showed Ehwaz, signifying movement. That movement comes in the form of a flight with a sexy pilot with no patience for a spoiled movie star. When Kate LaCroix’s plane crashes on an uninhabited island, she is forced to choose between reality and her sexy pilot, Captain James Payton.

Midnight Dream Girls: The Scent of Revenge by Savannah Madanelle

Morgan Fremont has to find a job fast. She’s heard how much the Midnight Dream Girl dancers make each week just by dancing fully clothed on top of the bar at the Midnight Saloon. But will Morgan get more than she can handle if she becomes the newest Midnight Dream Girl?

Lunar Mates III: Chasing The Moon by Loribelle Hunt

Jackson has issues. His most trusted friends are gone, his Beta is convinced another werewolf stole his mate, someone in the pack is trying to steal his job, and his woman is on the run. When all his problems rush together on a collision course, will he find the strength to come out on top?

Drop by Cobblestone Press today and download your copies!

Have a great Friday!

Smooches, Lyric


"Sexy Sheets" Thursday

Thursday, January 4th, 2007 | Uncategorized | No Comments

For your “eye candy” pleasure….I’m sure most of you know I have a little obsession thing going on with Shemar Moore. The man is just gawgeous!!!! LOL

Come join me over at the Sexy Sheets blog today.

Smooches, Lyric


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